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Title: Chainconnect-Powered By Core AI
Post by: chainconnect on April 11, 2018, 08:30:57 PM
Powered By Core AI

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Chainconnect aims to solve 3 problems faced by people in the cryptocurrency space; these are problems everyone in the blockchain and crypto currency space face daily.
No 1. Is the lack of trust between cryptocurrency investors and cryptocurrency investment companies, there has been numerous cryptocurrency investment platforms that has failed their potential investors and shut down their platforms for no reason without refunding their investors funds. Chainconnect has developed a simple to use but complex mathematical algorithm to trade and manage cryptocurrency investments independently without having access to funds in your exchange account using the Application Programming Interface (API).
No 2. Decentralized app (dapp) developers and customers face similar problems of not knowing where and how to go about their business, for the developer itís always difficult to reach out to a large number of customers to buy their dapps and for the customers, they donít know where to get a good dapp for their services, this is where chainconnect comes in, we connect decentralized app developers to a large community of customers and ensure that the customers gets the kind of decentralized app paid for without the fear of being scammed.
No 3. Recently some banks in the United States and Europe has band their customers from using their banks cards to buy crypto currencies on exchanges, this negatively has affected the price of Bitcoin and other altcoins. Chainconnectís Core Exchange is a peer 2 peer exchange designed to take away the buying and selling of crypto currencies from all third party systems and into the hands of the crypto buyers and sellers themselves by providing a secure Escrow service between both parties.

What is Chainconnect
Chainconnect is a Decentralized Ecosystem for Automated Crypto asset trading, Decentralized app (dapp) sales and a peer to peer Crypto/Fiat currency Exchange. Chainconnectís automated Artificial intelligence trading system (Core AI) independently trades and manages investorís crypto assets on different exchange accounts using the exchangeís Application Programming Interface (API). Core Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace that connects decentralized app (dapp) developers and customers to buy and sell trusted decentralized applications. And Core Exchange is a secure peer 2 peer escrow service for crypto/fiat currency exchange between crypto buyers and seller, We provide a secure escrow service for both parties.

What is Core AI
Core AI is a self evolving, auto scaling, Mathematical program designed to analyze crypto currencies on different exchanges, Core AI collects, stores and processes huge volumes of market data of the 100 most volatile crypto currencies on Coin Market Cap and Trades them on different exchanges using the Application Programming Interface (API).
Core AIís architecture is designed with AWS Elastic BeansTalk, AWS LEX, AWS Apache MXNet, Python, Java, AWS Kenesis, Solidity, Redshift, CodeStar, X-Ray, Cloud9 Antenna, Cloudsearch, AWS Application Programming Interface Gateways, on AWS S3 servers (Cloud Auto Scaling) located in Ireland with a Very High processing speed of up to 4TB/Hour which enables Core AI to process data 3 times faster than the Goldman Sachs Automated stock Trading system.

Core Marketplace
Core Marketplace is a decentralized digital marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to exchange digital decentralized apps and services, the marketplace will provide the technical infrastructure for decentralized app download, decentralized app license sales, troubleshooting, automated trading decentralized apps from third party developers the latest version of Core AI and a range of trading decentralized apps for different exchanges.
Decentralized app developers can now access a larger number of potential customers; All 3rd party trading systems are tested by Core Laboratories before being listed on the marketplace
Core Token is the utility token for the buying and selling of all automated trading systems that will be listed on the marketplace. Core token is a security/utility token and holds a 70% share of profit generated by the Chainconnect ecosystem which will be shared amongst token holders every 30 Days.

Core Exchange
Core Exchange is a peer 2 peer exchange designed to connect crypto currency buyers and sellers in one place to lower transaction fees for sellers and eliminate withdrawal charges for buyers, Core Exchange will feature the 100 most traded crypto currencies by volume on coinmarketcap to be exchanged between buyers and sellers, Core Exchange will provide a secure Escrow service between both parties in every transaction which will attract a 0.5% escrow fee paid by the seller, so the buyer gets the full amount of crypto currency he/she paid for minus the network or gas fee for transferring their crypto to their personal wallet. The 0.5% escrow fee from each transaction will be converted to core tokens and 70% of the revenue will be shared amongst core token holders every 30 days.

Airdrop Live!!!
15th June 2018 - 15th July 2018

Title: Re: Chainconnect-Powered By Core AI
Post by: ngocson1923 on April 13, 2018, 07:47:22 AM
I saw the bounty thread of your project but I canít find the link to the white papper. Can you give me the link of the white paper? I need to read through the white paper to understand the project clearly :-\ Thanks

Title: Re: Chainconnect-Powered By Core AI
Post by: katherinekamik27 on April 14, 2018, 05:58:55 PM
 Do you plan to create a roadmap? Is there a white paper in its future?

Title: Re: Chainconnect-Powered By Core AI
Post by: angelisbest930 on April 15, 2018, 10:39:25 AM
where is your white paper link?

Title: Re: Chainconnect-Powered By Core AI
Post by: starblocks on April 24, 2018, 06:00:58 AM
How much will the core AI licenses cost and how many will be available for sale in the marketplace each quarter?

Title: Re: Chainconnect-Powered By Core AI
Post by: mattroibecon24 on April 25, 2018, 06:29:09 AM
Do you have an affiliate program?

Title: Re: Chainconnect-Powered By Core AI
Post by: hashcoin on April 26, 2018, 06:09:23 AM
In the thread above there are 3 problems that often exist in the world of cryptocurency. On the second point about the problem will be solved with decentralization applications that have been made specifically by chainconnect. How does the application work?

Title: Re: Chainconnect-Powered By Core AI
Post by: rairaimotobike on April 27, 2018, 04:27:47 PM
 Is there something special planned for the future? Can you tell us more about it?