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Title: Real problem in World is Access and Capital? Not Convenience
Post by: jaxto on April 14, 2018, 12:20:40 PM
70% of Population don't have access to many products and services. Infact they don't have access to dignity, law or life.

We took a very wrong turn from Uber Model. Product, which was 20,000$ (Car Cost) was avail to everyone in 2$ with No EMI.
We made hypothesis that it is Convenience, but it was access at very very primary level, which is most important for 4.9 Billion Humans.

What VC or so called intelligent people did from 2012 to 2016? They invested hell in Tom, Dick and Harry companies to solve convenience problem rather then access problem.(Food Delivery, grocery Delivery, Petrol Delivery or Etc.)

Real problem is still cost of Product or Service. We envision a world, where people pay at very very micro/nano level in Crypto.

We took challenge of converting 200$ Product to 20$ and make it Pay per Use Model. We started with Perfume Bottle and made Spray for Perfume Bottle. Still perfume bottle is luxury product. But it is start for everyone of us to start thinking about breaking world to Pay per Mico-Level rather then owning anything. We kept target of 0.5 Sec Transaction time in Crypto. We finally achieved it after testing IOTA, EOS and XRP.

Finally, we used XRP to pay 0.175$ per Spray without Bank Accounts or agency on Earth.

Working Demo of Pay per Spray Bottle. We are still testing Smart Contract Platforms to choose perfect model to make Nano Transaction fast and efficient. (

Eagerly waiting for your feedback.