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Title: stability
Post by: laogeyi123 on April 15, 2018, 02:37:38 AM
Each product has its own strategic positioning and development path, and the goals are different at each stage of development. If you try to be perfect at every stage, this product won't work.

If I want to enter the block chain company, you should know your ability range first and then see what companies do and the company's demand, then can understand the company's future development direction and provides me with a good direction.

If a bull market comes, what is the priority? It is to know your state, to find the asset with a faster growth rate according to your own situation, and then to configure it. Why not just find the assets that grow faster? Because the specific situation of each person is different, some people's capital is the most important is the configuration and balance; Some people have less money, can go for a fight, and choose the assets with the fastest growth rate (there will also be some risk, otherwise the high risk will be high). Such as myself, go right to the asset growth rate faster, because I understand the basic rules and its own condition, only need to find these high quality growth of asset allocation, such as chain EOS, tokens key currency and exchange some tokens will be enough.

My friend's priority is stability. Because when the first bull market went into a bear market, the assets shrank too much. So, this time not too willing to configure small COINS (growth rate may be more), but the configuration the exchange currency in the mainstream, and the hot air of EOS and some bits, ether, promising good currency.

For the short - term, the priority is to look at the K line combined with the message to find the appropriate trading point, to achieve more profit and less loss; For the long-term, the priority is learning to find assets with long-term growth potential. For a blockchain asset only as an asset allocation, you only need to know the best currency; For most AII in, it is more important to find certainty because it is necessary to maintain basic household expenses.

Investment, the most important priority is security, stability, and then looking for a bigger growth rate of asset purchases.

What about us? What are our priorities? Or what is the priority of doing everything? Have you thought about it?

Title: Re: stability
Post by: NeverArgueWithWF on April 15, 2018, 02:38:50 AM
Patience and cool down