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Title: [ICO] Aigo Token - Ai Personal Assistant & Intelligence Trading
Post by: dax44 on April 26, 2018, 04:05:27 AM
Aigo Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant & Intelligence Trading Platform


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Following a decade of research by its successor R&D companies, SmartAction and AGI-3, is near completion of the first Intelligence marketplace, the AigoStore, and the first true Artificial General Intelligence personal personal assistant, Aigo. Unlike other projects under the guise of Artificial Intelligence Aigo inc. has successfully built an intelligence engine that will revolutionize what we understand to be AI .

The problem Aigo tackles is one that has been a major focal point in the research of artificial intelligence, true artificial intelligence is not like the Machine Learning style of so called artificial intelligence , to accurately emulate human like intelligence the AI must be able to learn unsupervised , form memory and associations via the use of Natural Language. It is the ability for Aigo to communicate on a human level through the exchange of words that makes it a breakthrough in the field of AI. Aigo's founder and AI visionary has successfully developed the 1st prototype for an AI which is capable of human level intelligence; Aigo's launch into the artificial intelligence personal assistant market will take place in Q4 of 2018 Token holders will be the first to be able to utilize this game changing technology. Token holders will also be able to trade customized intelligence modules , these can be applied to consumer uses , educational , medical and enterprise artificial intelligence solutions.

The Aigo Store has a proprietary payment gateway that allows Aigo community members to use AigoTokens to buy and sell intelligence, skills, hardware, subscriptions, and more. AigoTokens  can be acquired with credit cards and other local payment methods within this gateway. Upon launch the AigoStore will feature knowledge subscriptions and professional skills built by the Aigo Team. The AigoStore is scheduled to launch in September 2018.

The AigoToken presale and issuance will help fund marketing and branding of and the AigoStore, development of the Aigo Intelligence Platform and integrated smart contract technology within the platform using the Ethereum blockchain, further development of AGI technology, and hardware.
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Aigo intelligence Trading Platform
Aigo Intelligence Platform to host knowledge and skills created using natural language from around the world. Billions of people trading and commercializing their intelligence. Development in beta. Launch Q3 2018.
In addition to ExoCortex units and options, our AigoStore will also facilitate the secure buying and selling of the specialized skills (as upgrades to existing assistants), and of custom Aigos created by our AIP platform community. In fact, you could put a whole army of custom Aigos to work for you; renting their skills out to others earning you AigoTokens while you sleep.


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Title: Re: [ICO] Aigo Token - Ai Personal Assistant & Intelligence Trading
Post by: folajoseph on July 20, 2018, 05:57:50 AM
How can i become a part of your bounty program? i make videos that helps evangelize your project to the world.