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Title: Dwolla time to resolution on dispute?
Post by: cepler on August 04, 2011, 12:50:39 AM
Earlier this week I did a stupid thing sending funds to Dwolla...I copied the wrong account number and used that to send to.  It wasn't a HUGE amount of money and the account I sent it to was actually DwollaX, their promo account that sends you $1 to try out Dwolla so I thought it would be a simple thing to get it back but it's now been a couple days and the only thing I get back from their 'support' is "We're working on it, and haven't been given an ETA".  I keep asking for some form of ETA on when it should be resolved and they keep saying they weren't GIVEN one...well, you'd think they could ASK..  Just feels like I'm getting the run-around...

Anyone else have experience disputing a transfer and know how long it took to be resolved?