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Title: [ANN][INTRO] DAKUCE.COM | Cryptocurrency Exchange - Soar on Wings like Eagles
Post by: dakucecom on April 28, 2018, 03:52:07 AM - Cryptocurrency exchange starts from July 4th, 2018

Official Website:

Welcome to Our Official Social Media:
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About Dakuce ICO:

Buy Dakuce Token (from June 2, 2018 to July 3, 2018):

Contact us:

What is Dakuce?
The Dakuce project focuses on providing a powerful cryptocurrency trading platform, which not only involves cryptocurrency exchange but also other great services. We have deployed DApp and smart contracts based on blockchain technology where cryptocurrencies are exchanged for fiat currencies. Investing in our trading platform will reward you with heavy discounts on trading fees at our platform and high returns on Dakuce token. Dakuce is a decentralized exchange platform with security being paramount guaranteed to all the traders.
On Dakuce platform all the cryptocurrencies are on real market rates and hence involves no manipulation in it.
Apart from that, Dakuce ensures that it is profitable for its investors and users. We provide transparency to market data and its fees along with prediction analysis, moreover to provide concrete knowledge in fields of cryptocurrency investment resources. Updated news and education is made available at Dakuce in the field of cryptocurrency. This helps the investor to get clarity on how to manage and accumulate cryptocurrency funds.

REFERRAL PROGRAM (Dakuce exchange site, not for ICO):

- The commission you receive from the referral program will initially be set at a rate of 20%. This will then be adjusted after a certain period of time based on the situation.
- The fee commission will be sent instantly in real-time to your Dakuce account as your referee completes each trade and will be paid to you in whatever token/cryptocurrency the original fee was paid in.
- There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, although we do reserve the right to adjust or change the referral program rules at any time.
- The referee must be signed up through your Referral Link, QR Code or Referral ID.
- We will check for duplicate or fake accounts and will not pay out referral bonuses on these accounts. Duplicate or shared finances will result in disqualification.

*Important Notice:
Dakuce reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant.

Salient features of Dakuce Exchange
Listing of various coins
Dakuce exchange will list various coins that can be inter-exchanged and traded. Though in the beginning the platform may support Bitcoin and other leading cryptos but in the long run the exchange will offer many currencies of international recognition.
High performance engine
The trading system of Dakuce is based on highly accelerated and technically efficient hardware platform. The volume of transactions and the level of tolerance is thousand times higher than any other normal exchanges.
Secured trading system
Dakuce offers security at system level as well as operation level. It has internal risk control department that works on tough data controlling processes. The system is formulated in a way that ensures multi-level checking of every transaction to ensure maximum security of the data.
Efficient customer service
Customer is the respiratory system of Dakuce exchange body. We at Dakuce offer incomparable ethical customer service to ensure higher customer interactions with no delays.
Operations strategies
Dakuce efficient team and management are dedicatedly working on laying of high-end operational plans and executing them with utmost systematic procedures. Both long terms as well as short term plans are developed with sufficient space for changes in times of market volatility.
Decentralized trading
In a decentralized trading platform, every investor is treated as independent entity which can easily make digital transaction with other similar independent entities without any restrictions. Dakuce gives more space to the investor to trade and earn.
Dedicated team
Dakuce team is dedicatedly involved in producing and implementing solutions of higher importance to the global digital crypto market with utmost priority.

Business Model:
Receive daily dividends:
The registered members of Dakuce are entitled to receive daily dividends. They will be charged 30% of trading fee after deduction of bonus which varies with their shareholding percentage.
The revenue model of paying daily dividends has been made independent from the trading platform for the convenience of management as well as to provide optimum benefit to the users.

Coin burning to raise the coin value:
20% of the trading fee which has been charged will be diverted to buy and burn the coin, in order to create shortage and increase the value of the coin every quarter.

Trading fee against maintenance:
50% of the trading fee will be used to cover the monthly cost of the team.

Commission percentage:
10% of the trading fee will be used to pay commission.

Whenever a new coin gets listed on our exchange, Dakuce will enter in an agreement with the crypto company on the fee payable inclusive of other bonus coins. These bonus coins will be distributed among the registered holders of Dakuce ICO tokens depending upon the responsive ability of the coin developers.

The registered members of Dakuce will get free 10-20 number of coins (condition: with respect to account verification against fraud).

**Online Customer support
We have a 24*7 online customer support system where our team of dedicated professionals thrives hard to clear all your major doubts and inquiries. You may feel free to contact us any time and we are ready to help you. We guarantee you to provide all the necessary resources, imply all the tools and professionals required to clear your doubts.
We charge a minimal trading fee of 0.1% from our users and make sure to have KYC done of each customer. This ensures the credibility of traders and makes our trading platform safe.
If you have any DAKU, we will use DAKU to pay for transaction fees as default. 25% discount will be applied.

Title: Re: [ANN][INTRO] DAKUCE.COM | Cryptocurrency Exchange - Soar on Wings like Eagles
Post by: sufcrop11 on July 14, 2018, 01:11:05 PM
Its really impressive you guys come so far a successful journey! I am sure soon about it learns the whole world! The cryptocurrency industry is not standing still. It is necessary to develop constantly. I believe in the future of this project. You must get acquainted with the idea! his will become mainstream in the future. i'm sure of this too.

Title: Re: [ANN][INTRO] DAKUCE.COM | Cryptocurrency Exchange - Soar on Wings like Eagles
Post by: mizukage123 on July 24, 2018, 01:29:07 PM
hello excellent project I am happy to be part of the company that has great success !!!!
when it will be the launch of ico for public sale.

Title: Re: [ANN][INTRO] DAKUCE.COM | Cryptocurrency Exchange - Soar on Wings like Eagles
Post by: FrankLampard66 on August 02, 2018, 03:26:16 AM
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