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Title: Need a helping hand with XPM? win some at rapidballs (read text) (update)
Post by: boxuser on November 25, 2013, 09:52:44 PM is a great place there are ppl who give away free vouchers one of them is "rapidballs" on is also a super great place to trade xpm ;) i was doubtfull in the beginning about the website and it sounded dubious. now you think i will say that only to get you there.
but then again you would not be here and read this if you did not have any interest to place a bet.
i won several times even with the vouchers, you will get rich immediately, but you can gain some coins, as with betting you can of course also loose, i would suggest you at least to come and get a voucher and see for yourself how it works, there are several investors on who are willing to give away free vouchers to people, just be nice and ask kindly let ppl know where you found this. you can get several vouchers, also for other coins new coins will be added to. you can also invest your own coins, if you like you can become also an investor, as "rapidballs" on cryptsy for details, there is a daily, weekly and monthly raffle. as you can see in the screenshot i won some wdc :) give it a try, get hooked, love it :)