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Title: Bitcoin SARL Infoletter 26/11/13
Post by: dotcoin on November 26, 2013, 08:58:24 AM
Welcome to the first infoletter of Bitcoin SARL,

here we want inform you about news on our activity and our projects!

Bitcoin SARL would like to be helpful with the general adoption of virtual currencies, especially in Europe.

The Bitcoin News -

The Bitcoin News is europe first source for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies news, The Bitcoin News fetch all the relevant news for Bitcoins around the world from existing Bitcoin releated sources. TheBitcoin News is visit more than 2 million times in Nov. 2013 and we would thank you to our readers! The Bitcoin News is also available in French language - and in German language -

We offer for Bitcoin Businesses advertising places on our website! To advertise on the Bitcoin News please click on this link:


The Bitcoin Affiliate -

The Bitcoin Affiliate is world first full Affiliate network where Bitcoin releated websites and blogs can earn Bitcoins! More than 1500 webmasters and bloggers sign already in and diffuse Banners and Text links of our offers! To become a affiliate it's easy to sign up here:


The Bitcoin Pages -

The Bitcoin Pages is the worlds first Yellow Pages directory for Businesses who accept Bitcoins! We offer a wide range of listing options to present companies who accept Bitcoins to our users.

To advertise your Bitcoin accepting company sign up here:


Bitcoin Card® -

Bitcoin Card is world first prepaid Card to exchange Bitcoins by Banktransfer via ( BitcoinBourse ) or buying recharge coupons with Bitcoins on to Euro currency. We already have sold many of this cards and at the moment we are in negotiations with several European Card issuers of MasterCard and Visa to launch our own cobrandet BitcoinCard. We expect the Card will be available in April 2014. In the mean time you can use Cards from our Partners for Europe a prepaid MasterCard and Worldwide with a Visa Card bundle.

Both Cards package can be ordered on Bitcoin Cards website

Bitcoin Card® is a registered European Trademark of Bitcoin SARL


Luxury Bitcoin Store

Christmas is near and the Bitcoin rates are momently very high, for Bitcoin millionaires we have the some nice things on Luxury Bitcoins Store!

Feel like Obama with the President’s “Resolute” Desk of White House Oval Office or surprise your family with unique presents like real 24 ct Gold iPhones Or Crypto Cell Phones.

All this nice things can be bought with Bitcoins on Luxury Bitcoin Store:


Bitcoin Bourse -

Our newest Project is Bitcoin Bourse!

Bitcoin Bourse is the digital currencies market place where you can buy and sell Bitcoins. Other than existing exchangers Bitcoin Bourse offer our customers opportunity to participate in the profits of the system. Bitcoin Bourse offer System shares, which do not represent ownership of the company, but weekly dividend of 0.001% of the all fees generated by Bitcoin Bourse. If you are not already a System shareholder why you not become one? Bitcoin Bourse System shares can bought for 0.15 BTC each. We have only about 17% of shares on sale now available.

Hurry first come first serve!

Future features of Bitcoin Bourse:

Full design relaunch next week!

Shoppingcart for merchants to accept Bitcoins on his websites and shops till the end of this year. Bitcoin shares trading engine, iPhone and Android apps and many many more in the first month of 2014.


Crypto Bourse -

Crypto Bourse Worldwide person to person exchange for #Bitcoin #Litecoin #Namecoin #Peercoin #Feathercoin #Freicoin #Terracoin #Devcoin and future Crypto currencies. On Crypto Bourse all virtual currencies can be exchanged with each other! To exchange Crypto Bourse Bitcoin balance to Euro users can use Bitcoin Bourse systems. To exchange Crypto Bourse Bitcoin balance to USD we offer potential USD Bitcoin exchange the opportunity to work with us!

If you are US based exchange company and interested to become a part of our network contact us: planed launch is 15.1.2014 IPO and Logo design contest on:


The Vision

To understand more easy what Bitcoin SARL do, we have created a very small presentation please view the vision here:


Wish you all a nice week and happy Bitcoining

Kind regards

Markus Weiler

CEO Bitcoin SARL

twitter: @dotcoin