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Title: CoinPay Exchange - Hiring Lead Developer
Post by: CoinPay on November 27, 2013, 09:58:23 AM
So, as some of you maybe aware by my previous thread.

certain events that took over in my work / personal life which halted development of CoinPay.

We are still looking to make CoinPay a reality and have achieved alot of development work and behind the scenes things inplace from company, secure commercial premises, banking, solicitors etc..

However sadly our lead developer Dooglus (owner of bitcoin venture no longer has the time to commit to CoinPay as his site has been a runaway success, although he said that may change in the future & will still be available to help get to grips with his code if required.

So we are looking to hire a developer that has a credible background within the bitcoin community (preferably someone who resides within the UK, otherwise it makes our journey longer & more expensive for meetings! (although hotter climates maybe considered!)

If you feel that you are what we are looking for please get in touch as we are looking to restart development as soon as possible.
(we are considering taking on multiple developers so if you have expertise in a specific area please let us know as we will eventually need to have a team managing the site)

-Please note that for some aspects of discussion you may be required to return a signed NDA & Contract.