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Title: plans for a film with BTC
Post by: film2240 on August 06, 2011, 05:25:55 PM
Hi every1,
I plan to make a film that will help either promote bitcoins directly or be part financed by them (which would boost bitcoins popularity as it would be famous with my film).

I'm still developing ideas for the film at this point so its not fully planned yet.I plan for the film to meet 5 pieces of criteria;
1.The film should be partly financed by Bitcoins (if possible for people to donate for the film production efforts)
2.The film should at least use bitcoins in someway (even if they play a very small part,in the film in the final copy,this would still make them famous in some way)
3.The film should at least promote bitcons a little (doesn't need to be much but if there's a large turnout at the screening online when or if its able to be made,then bitcoins will hopefully have more of a value and should be more stable to hold onto value)
4.The subject matter can be anything but it can't be rude as the film has to be suitable for everyone (maybe 12yrs and above as little kids probably won't understand/or use them anyway)
5.The film should have a hook to help promote the use of bitcoins (or equivalent currency if btc doesn't do well in the future)

I'll need suggestions (and constructive feedback if possible) for the film.

I'm doing an experiment which kinda relates to this in a way (people who have with spare mining capacity to donate or a hobbyist miner can apply.).The link is here: password is test. It was passworded initially to help test a few things but now,I need some more people from here who can help me in this.if hte link doesn't work search for Project-Gold river then use the password.I hope this helps.

For those of you who wish to donate (to help the film efforts or just to show that you like the idea) here's my BTC address:1LiR6RBcbRG6owiEbMVEDCEGpccZRXjK99