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Title: MBYZ The challenges of the proposal
Post by: MbyzIco on May 03, 2018, 09:10:09 PM
Eventually a channel of YouTube must be prepared, containing the basics to certify the people replicating the knowledge and training them to generate value added. As previously mentioned, this tool with the globalization will permit to sellers and consumers to profit from the users network and to work on the loyalty of the clients. This work must be addressed to members of the own community that can and understand how to replicate the use on their behalf.
Create bi-directional Applications permitting the interconnection between sellers and buyers.
To have a safe and reliable platform for the management of transactions.
Endorse with the team of experimented professionals the needed legal support for each community, with this we refer to the responsibility of our  community, ensuring that the products comply with the most elemental regulations as well as the standards of security generally accepted, therefore in this section we compromise to always apply the best practices of business and to look after their compliance.