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Title: Profit Mining Pool recommendable pools?
Post by: Philll90 on December 11, 2013, 10:58:24 AM

Up to now I have found 3 pools, which automatically mines the most profitable scrypt coin.

Have anybody already tested these pools and could say, which one is the most stable, reliable and profitable pool?

What payout system do they use, PPLNS, RBPPS, PPS?

Are there other/better profit-pools, which you can recommend?


Title: Re: Profit Mining Pool recommendable pools?
Post by: entropi on December 12, 2013, 09:17:49 AM
I would like to know the answer too and also pros and cons.

Title: Re: Profit Mining Pool recommendable pools?
Post by: rick2718 on January 06, 2014, 03:47:07 PM
I have tried cryptologic and
so far.  Both have been decent but so far has
yielded a better return.

Both have had issues. some observations:

cryptologic - pplns?  not sure, but not pps
. did not pay out automatically for a while. My
confirmed balance reached 600% of my payout threshold. They were responsive, saying
the delay was caused by the exchanges, and I was paid eventually.

. At one point my confirmed balance was quite high (erroneously I believe), as in 30 times my payout
threshold.  It never paid out, but did slowly decrease over time. Emails back and forth with admin, including
screen shots seemed to lead to a solution.  I say 'seemed' because though one day may balance jumped to
what was a more reasonable level, I never got a closure email from admin.  They changed my confirmed balance and
never explained why.

. the slow payout happened again today, and again admin responded, again said it was an exchange delay, and again
I was ultimately paid.  No repeat of the bad incident.

. Sometime the coin being mined is obviously not the most profitable... sometimes not even close.  This draws complaints
as people notice, but still seems to go on.

. the chatbox has been disabled for a while now. - pplns, per worker vardiff
I learned of this from the chatbox at cryptologik., and moved to it after the silently-changed-my-balance incident above.

. they definitely paid a higher return (10%-30%), and seem to have a better algorithm for choosing/switching

. they were hacked a couple of weeks ago, and miners collectively lost >40btc;  they went to a read-only
mode, and after a couple of days released an ad-hoc html form which let you withdraw your funds.  no logins,
balances, account info was available.  They are supposed to be back up again tomorrow with new and improved

. they claim to be paying out the loss of most of the 40+btc from their own pocket. I was not affected, and so can't
vouch for it but I think I'd likely know from others if it were bogus. 

. I'll be moving back to them again when they get back online

so, in summary my experiences-

- the switching pools do work, and for me have showed a minimum of 15% increase over straight ltc.
- both have been responsive to problems
- i find a bit more profitable
- cryptologic put me off a bit with the silent balance change, and gets my respect for covering the theft
- both have almost always been available
- the overall return of alts seems to be dropping, with most meaningful payout happening and
running their course in the first few of weeks of coin existence. In the future the
ability to bring a new coin to the stable quickly may be the most important factor

I've heard a number of complaints about middlecoin, but I have no first-hand experience with them
hope that helps