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Title: [ICO][AIRDROP] 🌎Exbitrade - Airdrop And ICO 🌎
Post by: dilpreet_singh on May 09, 2018, 11:24:27 AM
Exchange for the big changes🌎

After the successful launch of Exbitrade trading platform, we are happy to announce the initial token sale of XBT token.
XBT token will not only facilitate trading but has multipurpose utilities.
With this new generation platform, traders can follow each other's trades on a subscription basis and make smart decisions for their portfolios.
XBT Tokens will also work to define ownership and authenticity of an electronic as well non-electronic products.
You can join our airdrop before ICO goes live.

Register -
Airdrop Conclusion Date - 31st May 2018
Airdrop tokens - 100XBT on sign up
ICO Start Date - 15th June 2018
Referral Bonus - 25XBT per succesfull Referral


With the onset of privacy issues and people's growing interest to safeguard their personal details, blockchain is rightly placed to tackle the problem of lack of trust in such scenarios. A user does not have to trust a third party and same is applicable for service providers as well, thus removing the need of middleman. Instead, the entire trust structure can be moved to blockchain which is not in control of a single person/entity but all and is transparent at the same time.
Exbitrade’s team is working to solve one of the many problems of B2C trades wherein businesses/third parties holding the entire rights to a user’s transactions will be moved out to a trustless framework thus enabling greater visibility and transparency helping denormalize chances of fraud and malicious activities by both the parties involved.
Millenials are unreasonably complex and unique individuals. The ongoing pace of getting things done with the click of a button has left us in the pursuit of individuality. We as consumers prefer to pay a premium for brands that perfectly define us. Globalization has created a singular market, thus any product of your choice is available online as well as through offline stores. We place our trust in these brands to supply us authentic products, what if this notion of trust could be made tangible and with complete transparency, giving us as consumers the righteous guarantee of genuineness.
Exbitrade aims to solve exactly this problem with the help of low-cost NFC tags embedded right into your products directly from the manufacturer, and the information carried by these tags will be public on the blockchain.
With publicly traded securities ownership and stock holdings data from SEC(a body to protect investors, maintain fair and ordered trading markets), a new investor can jump-start his/her investing journey. Since crypto tokens are being traded in exchanges as commodities, there is no ownership statistics available anywhere but within an exchange itself.
There are a lot of tools(MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, etc.) that are handy for an experienced trader to analyze and invest in markets. But this creates a gap and a lag as well for new investors, who could have realized the potential but could not due to lack of knowledge and untimed opportunities.


I. Own
Own* is an application to define ownership and authenticity of an electronic as well non-electronic products. With Own you can:
verify ownership of your purchased products
check if a new/refurbished item you are buying has been flagged as stolen or not
transfer ownership to the intended
flag your phone as stolen or missing, rendering it useless for a thief to sell it afterwards
Own will work by storing all the information on publicly available blockchain of Ethereum in an encrypted format. When buying a new item from store/online, you can verify its authenticity simply by tapping your mobile phone against the NFC Chip. Same is applicable for smartphones without using these tags but simple by their IMEI number. Since smartphones will not be associated with the NFC Chips, in case of theft you can simply flag your phone as missing.
This application serves the dual purpose of verification and well as security. Organizations buying electronic items in bulk can easily verify their purchase, vastly reducing chances of counterfeited products.
To solve the issue of authenticity of non-electronic items, Exbitriade will launch precoded NFC Chips with unique identification number recorded on blockchain by the manufacturer.

II. Exchange

Exbitrade’s exchange platform solves the purpose of portfolio management and crypto indexes.
S&P 500 is an index on New York Stock Exchange used by investors to analyze markets and compare returns on specific investments. Similar indexes can be created for CryptoCurrencies based on various heuristics like market capitalization, industry, sectors, application, etc.
Exbitrade’s portfolio manager is made up of two parts:
Trail - A user can exhibit his/her trades and charge other users to follow him/her on a subscription basis, enabling a healthy and fair competition as a user can choose to follow one or more traders in a given category
Guide - Guide will work using predefined and user-created crypto indices suggesting a user changes to the portfolio based on the amount invested and current market scenario. This is a great utility for people who can not afford to spend a lot of time studying market conditions.
Exbitrade’s current infrastructure with parallel trading engines is capable of supporting 100,000 orders/second which can be scaled up on demand. This phase is complete and already live.

Title: Re: [ICO][AIRDROP] 🌎Exbitrade - Airdrop And ICO 🌎
Post by: hvs on May 09, 2018, 12:45:26 PM
really like the concept and would love to see Own in action.
just a question about ICO's hard cap, how much is Exbitrade looking to raise?

Title: Re: [ICO][AIRDROP] 🌎Exbitrade - Airdrop And ICO 🌎
Post by: dilpreet_singh on May 10, 2018, 05:31:19 AM
thank you for your support, we will soon be releasing our whitepaper with exact numbers for token sale.

Title: Re: [ICO][AIRDROP] 🌎Exbitrade - Airdrop And ICO 🌎
Post by: dilpreet_singh on May 14, 2018, 06:05:03 AM
Important notice - Airdrop on successful sign up will be concluded on 17th may. Register yourself on our platform before 17th May to get 100 XBT tokens.

After 17th May, we will be launching our care drop campaign as a part of a proof of care

Stay tuned for more updates.
Happy trading