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Title: Nomi Prins: In the Coming Crash We’ll be Falling from Higher Height
Post by: allthingsluxury on May 11, 2018, 06:45:53 PM (

Will the next crash be worse than the last one? Prins says, “Yes, it will because we will be falling from a higher height. The idea here is you are sinking on the Titanic as opposed to sinking on a canoe somewhere.

All of this artificial conjured money is puffing up the system, along with money that is borrowed cheaply is also puffing up the system and creating asset bubbles everywhere. So, when things pop, there is more leakage to happen.

The air in all these bubbles has created larger bubbles than we have had before.” How does the common man protect himself? Prins says, “They have to own things, and by that I mean real assets, hard assets like silver and gold. That’s not as liquid, so taking cash out of banks and sort of keeping it in real things and keeping it on site keeping cash physically.

You need to extract it from the system because the reality is when a financial crisis happens, banks close their doors to depositors. Also, basically try to decrease your debt.”

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