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Title: Join LAPO Coin (LAX) will make you rich
Post by: madapratama on May 13, 2018, 09:49:48 AM
 LAPO Coin (LAX), a Swiss Stable Cryptocurrency

LAPO Coin is a global cryptocurrency, which exhibits low volatility, high speed transactions and a solid level of privacy and security. Ergo the traits that an optimal cryptocurrency should have.
Simplicity along with elegance of concept, easy integration points for partners and businesses, and the ability to work with an exchange, are some additional traits that will assist in the wider adoption of LAPO Coin. Cryptocoins like Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly volatile. On any given day, it is not uncommon to see an increase or a decrease of upwards of 10-15%. This makes daily usage of most cryptocurrencies very problematic and very inconvenient to say the least.

We believe that the solution to this problem is to integrate a monetary policy. Stability creates a more favorable operating environment for economic activity, is important to developments in the real economy, and is the most valuable contribution that monetary policy can make to economic growth
Bitcoin was born to avoid a centralized power and human interference and we want to keep that spirit alive. For that reason, we are building an open source self-critical, intellectually honest, and adaptable Artificial Intelligence that can handle the monetary policy: The Stability Fund.

LAPO Stability Fund
The LAPO Stability Fund is an Artificial Intelligence that analyze and calculate monetary policy and it is used to protect the coin against artificial price volatility. Our completely autonomous Stability Fund can detect and avoid illegal market manipulation. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence, it can analyze the market, social network, news and historical data. This feature then is able to predict and understand, if and when, an illegal manipulation is taking place. The most common trigger for intervention from the LAPO Stability Fund is a “pump and dump” scheme commonly perpetrated by groups of crypto traders. Using our Seigniorage Shares approach, our Stability Fund is able to stabilize the market.

LAPO Coin is a non-collateralized coin, and it is independent of all other currencies. Even if the US Dollar and Ether collapse, a non-collateralized coin like LAPO Coin could survive them as a stable store of value. Unlike the central banks of nation states, a non-collateralized stable coin would not have perverse incentives to inflate or deflate the currency. Its algorithm would only have one global mandate: stability and long-term growth.

LAPO ePlatform
The next step of our journey: LAPO ePlatform, a suite of Financial Tools enabled by Blockchain innovation and powered by Artificial Intelligence. That is, a stable reliable bridge to connect cryptofinance with the traditional financial industry.
Our ePlatform will facilitates the integration and broad acceptance of the Blockchain technology into the traditional finance, making daily transactions simpler, cheaper, faster and safer.

The core currency of the LAPO ePlatform is LAPO Coin (LAX). All transactions running on the ePlatform could always be converted into LAPO Coin immediately and automatically. The LAPO Coin could then be reconverted at any time to other cryptocurrencies, or fiat at the present exchange rate.
LAPO Blockchain brings stability with traditional Swiss expertise in financial services to crypto assets worldwide

Private Wallet & Merchant Portal
Multicurrency, desktop and mobile wallet for private. Business oriented/extendable Merchant Portal with business intelligence capabilities and reporting.

Crypto payment
State-of-art payment API and Plugins that allow an easy integration of payment request in any cryptocurrency. The Point of Sale (POS) app can be downloaded in any modern device (computer, cell phone or tablet) and will integrate NFC communication support enabling payment with a simple touch or by scanning a QR code.

Decentralized Exchange
Decentralised “wallet-to-wallet” exchange platform for trading AltCoins, LAPO Tokens and LAX. Using the platform and LAPO Bank the user can immediately convert theLAX into FIAT assets or other AltCoins for a very low fee. The trading app supports multiple monitors setups and devices

The ambition of LAPO is to create the first integrated payment ecosystem based on a cryptocurrency. To realise this ambition, the LAPO Bank will be launched in Q4 2019 to complement the LAPO ePlatform offering. The key service offering of the LAPO Bank will be the LAPO Trading Platform. Merchants can exchange on the LAPO Trading Platform in real time fiat to LAPO, LAPO to fiat as well as LAPO to selected cryptocurrencies. To ensure that the LAPO Bank has sufficient fiat and cryptocurrency reserves, daily and monthly limits per merchant and overall will be implemented.
 An additional offering of the LAPO Bank will be the first loans in fiat or selected cryptocurrencies with LAPO as collateral. This will enable LAPO to establish and strengthen its positioning as innovative cryptocurrency with a wide range of use cases in daily life of consumers, investors and merchants. The jurisdiction for the LAPO Bank will be chosen based on favorables regulation for cryptocurrencies and minimum requirements for set-up.

 for details of the leaders of the official web site

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Title: Selling LAX
Post by: ccfortransparency on August 17, 2018, 02:23:18 PM
If any of you guys are interested in buying LAPO(Lax) and receiveing them immediately, then I'm selling masternodes worth of LAX(1 Million Lax), or smaller amounts if desired, Masternodes are still extremely profitable - PM me an offer (we will use escrow service)
(I'm taking the current market conditions into account in your offer)