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Title: Grooming thousands of anonymous members
Post by: Ucy on May 14, 2018, 11:39:53 AM
I think the Crypto community needs to create sufficient and independent  developers by training thousands of anonymous members every six months.

This could be done by randomly selecting thousands of members from Bitcointalk and other important Crypto  communities. Those selected must be members who are genuinely interested in Cryptocurrency. After the selection, they'll be incentived weekly to complete and pass important Cryptocurrency Courses. 50% of the incentives will be locked until the courses & exams are completed. Those who fail the exam will be given a chance to re-write it but with no incentive & some deductions will be made from their incentives. The project could be funded by wealthy members and anonymous donations

If this is not done I see a situation where the Crypto World  is overran by thousands of devs trained by the elites. 
I noticed people are unnecessarily conservative when it comes to funding great projects or incentiving others for common good... well if we don't incentive people for the good of the community , the elites will do it for us. They know our weaknesses: many of us hate to support others. This is why they are taking over everything.

Title: Re: Grooming thousands of anonymous members
Post by: MISS_nSTASSY on May 17, 2018, 06:04:44 AM
This is good idea, but there is one moment - all who want to know more about crypto, they already learning. Those who came here just for money - they don't need this information, crypto for them is just one instrument among many others, they don't understand true strength of it, and how crypto can change this world(really change, without exaggeration).
Thats why this topic is not popular at all ;) Everyone converse about buy or sell ripple, not so many people who want talk about crypto.