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Title: Incentivizing posting via low effort tasks (likes, follows, etc.) is NOT allowed
Post by: mprep on May 18, 2018, 05:36:06 PM
Incentivizing posting within one or several threads via low effort tasks (e.g. signups or proof of participation for liking, following, subscribing, retweeting, tweeting a single tweet, joining a channel or group, etc.) is not allowed as it falls under the "no altcoin giveaways" rule ( (

You can't offer to pay people who post their addresses, usernames, etc.

Accepting signups or requiring proof of participation for tasks requiring substantial effort (e.g. signature campaign signups, weekly social media campaign reports, media (videos, images, articles, etc.) bounty signups, etc.) via a thread posted in Bounties (Altcoins) is allowed though.

EDIT: Obviously, participating in such giveaways is prohibited as well.