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Title: Looking for invester
Post by: joeyjoe on August 29, 2011, 11:40:14 PM
Im currently running a lotto site - Currently not making a profit since im getting it off the ground.

I have some nice ideas for the site to make some profit, aswell as some other idea's.

Here's the deal.

I require some funds to move the site to a VPS. Also to act as an additional bonus for the first 2 weeks of the weekly draws to encourage people to play, aswell as some advertising.
I then hope to earn profits from the site.

24 per month for the VPS, 50 for 2 weeks of bonus amounts, and an additional 20 for advertising.

For 100 investment, I will offer you 50% of profits for 2 months AFTER you earn back the original 100, but i am unsure when the 100 would be paid back.

would need 25 sent to paypal to fund hosting and the rest as BTC.

Please PM me only - Thread Locked