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Title: Bitcoin seems to be the "central authority" for the pseudo-decentralized crypto
Post by: Ursul0 on May 22, 2018, 11:00:57 AM
I was long wondering what's up with the fact that Bitcoin seems to be not only the most "ideologically" proper cryptocurrency
(surely here not without certain speculation of interested parties influencing it's "proper" chain management)
but also the main "market maker", providing "natural" platform/medium for other crypto-assets value exchange.

So it seems that it may become a "standard" of sorts that can[should ?!] be relied upon on one hand, yet from another perspective influence value (due to its internal volatility) of the "unrelated" crypto-asset significantly.

Would all these nice chains and projects die if all the BTC ASICs will just stop? - No, it won't. yet the assets value will plummet.

seamless integration of decentralized exchanges and direct cross-chain asset exchange would probably put things in place...

but what's up now?