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Title: [ANN] [COIN] | COINHUNT TOKEN | ICO LIVE NOW until 24th of May
Post by: cointoken on May 23, 2018, 01:21:08 PM

COIN is the token that powers the CoinHunts platform. Our mission is simple:provide quality and trustworthy reviews on Coins, Tokens, ICOs,Wallets, Mining Platforms etc.

It’s no secret that there is a growing issue with the amount of low quality ICO’s that get
released every day; a percentage of which can be viewed as outright scams which are at best
unlikely to succeed, and at worst have no intention of delivering their vision. This naturally
makes it difficult for genuine projects with clear goals and the potential to deliver the ability to
‘cut through the noise’, and showcase their projects as a worthwhile investment. Similarly, this
prevalence of scams and low quality ICO’s has attracted scepticism from both the public and
institutional investors, causing reputational damage to the cryptocurrency industry on the
Therefore, a trusted website and/or media outlet which can deliver well researched and
impartial information to potential users, investors and customers is essential in order to
separate genuine projects from those which are likely to fail.
A persistent problem in the cryptocurrency industry at present is the proliferation of poorly
researched and written articles which are either biased, or written by parties with a vested
interest in a certain projects success, which may provide non-factual information or deliberately
mislead investors; an issue which we believe our tokenized platform would eliminate.

Our Solution
“A website with reviews you can trust”
We propose the creation of a website and an associated token (COIN) where approved
contributors can write content and later on users can vote on the articles using the COIN token.
COIN tokens will be used to make sure only quality votes are being sent by respected users and
members of the community. COIN will also be used for requesting a review as well.
Therefore, by issuing COIN, users and contributors shall be positively incentivized to submit
quality and factual content to receive COIN tokens, which they may then use to either vote on
other projects, or publish their own content.
It is anticipated that this will facilitate a community of trusted reviews and content, and should
encourage all users of the website to act in an honest manner.

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