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Title: Bitcoin Merchant Project
Post by: Stn on September 07, 2011, 10:16:47 AM
MyBitcoin was one of the way to get easy to use merchant gateway. If there are any new analogs I guess folks will be reluctant to step in to the same spot for the second time (at least I am). And there are seems no descent alternatives around. Though I believe that nonavailability of simple merchant solution is one of the important reasons which prevent Bitcoin from spreading beyond just a speculation digital unit.

I came out with the idea of combined merchant gateway. In this idea merchant's wallet to be kept on merchant's own server/station, while all the routine to be done by the third party merchant agent. The agent won't be able to possess or spend funds but only watch its arrival to the merchant's wallet and duly notify merchant about completion.

There is code already written and running. Folks who interested may have a look at