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Title: Now you can invest in Bitcoin leading News source - IPO now
Post by: dotcoin on January 18, 2014, 03:44:27 PM
The Bitcoin News exists since 3/2013 and is the leading and rising News source for Bitcoin and Crypto currency News with more than 3.5 million Page views in December 2013.

Jan. 2014 already 3 million Page views!

The Bitcoin News is owned by Bitcoin SARL, but we offer our customers opportunity to participate in the profits of the Bitcoin News.

The Bitcoin News system generates income from sell of advertising lots:

The Bitcoin News offers investors exclusive right to participate from advertising income.

TBN Shares:

There are 10.000 “TBN” shares. 5.000 “TBN” shares are held by Bitcoin SARL, 5.000 “TBN” shares is available for investors.

IPO price of 1 “TBN” share is 0.01 BTC for the first 2.500 shares. Early birds can buy only 2.500 “TBN” shares for this price. When the first 2.500 “TBN” shares are sold, the price of the remaining 2.500 “TBN” shares is 0.02 BTC.

When all 5.000 “TBN” shares are sold, the “TBN” shares can bought and sold on under the Symbol “TBN” for the market price.

“TBN” shares has the right for a monthly dividend of 0.01% of generated income from advertising.

Dividends will be payed each 15th of month on Shares system.

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