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Title: Any Of You Aware Of Aion?
Post by: togamamora on May 24, 2018, 02:20:30 PM
To, me Aion seems to be flying under the radar.  Not many traders, cryptoists are of the existence of this coin.  What Aion is?

To simply put it, Aion makes bridges.  We all see that bitcoin, ethereum, neo are blockchain of it's own.  It's like one network on it's own.  Do they talk to each other?  Can you transfer coins across these blockchains?  From eth to neo?  NO... not now.

So this is what Aion do.  Bridges.  They connect blockchains.  Aion as it is now, an ERC-20 token.  Mainnet is launched recently and ETH-AION bridge is about ready.  When the bridge is ready, you can swap the ERC-20 token to AION-1 coin seamlessly and vice versa.  This is the first bridge  Then, more bridges will come, e.g. ETH - NEO.  an Aion ERC-20 -> AION-1 -> AION NEP-5.

Use case: Cross chain smart contract and many others.

I was very amazed when I first read about this.  Thinking of buying some coins while it is still cheap.