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Title: R9 280x saphire short circuit 12V to pcie 8x sense B (GND) May offer Doge in rew
Post by: jnada on January 24, 2014, 05:34:03 PM
Just managed to plug EATX to pcie 8x on my R9 280x saphhire Battlefield edition.
This means that pin SENSE B on belowed diagram has been touched for a while by 12V+. Luckilly I got corsair PSU ,so it switched off about milisec later, but card is no longer fully recognised. Probably because Sense B doesn't get GND longer.

Seems like it burnt out some IC element on sense B circuit - ( card is still visible under lspci but remain unknown under amdccle) -

No visible burnt on any patches on card.
Any help? diagram or name of the element?

Many thanks.