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Title: [600 GH] NoctumDesign: PPLNS, GBT, Stratum, TXFees, Shared Devices!
Post by: greatbotboy on January 24, 2014, 10:34:35 PM
@NoctumDesignBTC (

  • VarDiff, allows workers and the server to conserve bandwidth.
  • ASIC Ready!
  • Miners get payed for their share of TX Fees (
  • Dead Worker email notifications.
  • Payout notifications.
  • Account modification notifications.
  • Automatic Payouts.
  • Automatically adds workers.
  • Shared Devices. (

Getting Started:
  • Go to ( register for an account.
  • A new worker/password will be created for you, you will find it on your account page.
  • Point your favorite miner at our servers



bfgminer -o<PORT> -u <WORKERNAME> -p x
cgminer -o<PORT> -u <WORKERNAME> -p x
poclbm.exe -d 1 -f 0 -v -w 64 http://<WORKERNAME><PORT>
minerd --url<PORT> --userpass <WORKERNAME>:x -t 5 --algo sse2_64

Title: Re: [40 Gh] NoctumDesign: -=NEW POOL=- PPLNS, GBT, Getwork, Stratum!
Post by: greatbotboy on February 05, 2014, 11:37:14 PM
Shared Devices

Primer - What is a shared device ???

With the cost of mining equipment constantly growing, it is increasingly hard for new miners to acquire effective mining equipment. To combat this growth, people have created group buys and purchased devices as a group of friends.  However, this leaves one person to manage the equipment, collect profits, and redistribute those profits. This obviously can be a very easy process when automated. However, if not this, process is time consuming.  
So we added this functionality and made it easy to implement for you and your shared device.

DeviceIDs - Viewing shared devices

So far we are making it easier for device mangers, what about device contributors? How are you to make sure the device you helped pay for is working for you?  Enter DeviceIDs, if you have an account on our pool you now have a DeviceID. You can give your DeviceID to the manager of the device and you can then view your effective work and profits. This one DeviceID can be given out and used for multiple shared devices.  Your DeviceID when attached to a shared device by the manager will only allow the manager to attach the device to your account.  The manager will not have access to any of your personal data. whereby keeping your account safe.

Usage - Sharing made easy

We have tried to make adding a shared device as easy as possible. At minimum all you will need is at bitcoin address for each contributor, and their percentage of contribution to the device. Pretty Harmless.  What about managers of large group buys?  Don't worry we have you covered, copy/pasting hundreds of address and percentages would be unacceptable.  We have streamlined the process of adding many users, all you need is a csv.  csv formatting is simple, all you need is 2 pieces of data.

CSV formatting - only simple data

For a manager to add a new shared device with a csv all that is required is 2 pieces of data, either a bitcoin address or a DeviceID, and the contributors percentage of contribution.  No you don't need to figure out the percentage. If your Group buy sells users Ghs in incriminates of 10Gh, then a user that bought one share could be 10 and ten shares would be 100.  This works for USD; shares; BTC; as long as the CSV contains all contributors and there is no excess/surplus of the total contribution amount.

CSV formatting - examples

Don't use headers, or line terminators.


This user has provided all data, however not needed, they contributed 10%, $10 or 10 BTC.

This user has provided just a bitcoin address, they contributed $100, 100 BTC or 100 shares.

This user has provided their DeviceID, they contributed 90%, $90, 90 BTC or 90 shares.

**Note this feature has the ability to be abused. Abuse will not be tolerated. Abuse will cause forfeit of all work, and profits.
Abuse will be partially determined by the number of users and hash rate of the device.

Title: Re: [40 Gh] NoctumDesign: PPLNS, GBT, Stratum, TXFees, Shared Devices!
Post by: greatbotboy on February 07, 2014, 02:28:25 AM
Active miners now get their share of tx fees!!!

Title: Re: [40 Gh] NoctumDesign: PPLNS, GBT, Stratum, TXFees, Shared Devices!
Post by: greatbotboy on February 21, 2014, 07:33:50 PM
Shared Device overview

Edit a device you manage
(Device Cost only needs to be equal to the total contribution. It can be shares, BTC, H/s, or USD)



Title: Re: [600 GH] NoctumDesign: PPLNS, GBT, Stratum, TXFees, Shared Devices!
Post by: greatbotboy on April 25, 2015, 06:05:31 PM
After you have created an account workers are added automatically when you start mining to them