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Title: [WTS] Chicago Area - 48 Block Erupter USB Sticks
Post by: Tamerz on January 25, 2014, 05:48:18 PM
The PSU I was powering them with died and I don't want to buy another. Looking for $15 each. Want to deal with local if possible but if someone wants to buy them all, I'd ship.

Also make offers if you are interested. I may go lower in order not to deal with eBay.

EDIT: Since someone else asked:

I can throw in the 49 port hub if someone buys all of them at once. However, there are some burn marks where the 24 pin ATX connector goes in. That is why I'm not bothering with a new PSU or hub.

I THINK the hub itself is fine and it is only the PSU that is bad, but I can't say for sure. Half of them were still hashing and the other half were lit up but not doing anything.


Don't worry about the USB sticks being bad from the PSU dying. I have a whole second hub full of them. I'll sell the ones I know work from the second hub.

Pictures here: (