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Title: Join our ClossusCoin Improvement Team/ [2 Million COL Bonus total for Promoters]
Post by: sudo23 on January 25, 2014, 07:50:16 PM
Join our ClossusCoin Improvement Team

The Improvement Team was created as a group of investors and volunteers committed to the improvement of Colossuscoin.
You don't need to be a programmer to contribute. Our project involves a large range of different skills, levels of involvement and degrees of technical expertise.
So, if you want to get involved in Colossuscoin Project, there is almost certainly a role for you.

We aim to give everyone an equal say in the direction of the foundation and are looking for people with big ideas to contribute.
If you would like to get your ideas developed, become a part of Colossuscoin.

Step 1: Please sign up to our newly designed online forums.  

Step 2: Fill out the questionnaire form in all areas you are interested in at

Step 3: Get active

Enrollment is free but current investors are encouraged to apply.

Our Plans:
  • We are planning to fix the current Colossuscoin Wallet permanently as a first step.
  • The fix includes an adjustment of the transaction fee structure to 0.05% fee per transaction.
  • 100% of transaction fees will be allocated to the Development Fund and to the Colossuscoin Foundation.
  • The Colossuscoin Foundation helping to advance and promote Colossuscoin adoption.
  • The second step is a redesign and launch of a whole new improved Colossuscoin blockchain with improvements to the Development Fund which would allow us
    to re-evaluate fees and pay a portion of fees collected from transactions as added interest on top of Proof of Stake.
  • We are working hard behind the scenes improving all areas of the foundation, a bright future lays before us, full of potential and challenges.
  • Colossuscointalk and its members work together to create a strengthened platform and improved Colossuscoin Foundation on

Would you like to be paid for promoting Colossuscoin?

Be a Colossuscoin promoter and get paid!
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Colossusoin - the future of payment methods!  

Title: Re: Join our ClossusCoin COL Improvement Team/ 50,000 COL Bonus
Post by: sudo23 on January 26, 2014, 01:00:46 AM

BONUS: Our leadership team strongly believes in the future and success of Colossuscoin so we are offering
50,000 COL to the first 40 people who sign up AND become added to the Marketing and Development Team
Make sure you sign up on the forums at
and sign up to be a promoter at

Colossuscoin - a long-term energy-efficient Crypto-Currency


Title: Re: Join our ClossusCoin Improvement Team/ [2 Million COL Bonus total for Promoters]
Post by: Ilars on January 26, 2014, 01:53:55 AM
Count me in!

My ColossusCointalk Member Name: Ilars

My green COL address: 24Brj4ADUNdyDidcDkEd8TMUJzCjLqCSTs

Title: Re: Join our ClossusCoin Improvement Team/ [2 Million COL Bonus total for Promoters]
Post by: eon89 on January 26, 2014, 05:27:58 AM
You could make this in the announcement section. People looking for coins to invest in will be looking there.