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Title: QUALITY Crypto writers/marketers needed for new company and new website
Post by: gledit on June 05, 2018, 02:35:10 AM
- Please refer to:

- It needs a little tweaking, but is 99% there.
Already started marketing/ad campaigning - word out/work in.

Seeking crypto writers/journos (I have 20 years of business and journalism/editorial experience) for an initially small, but perfectly formed and skillset complimentary team.
I value - fairness, ethics, trust, TEAMWORK, loyalty, honesty and flexibility in these early stages of dev. So candidates must also. I value these qualities even beyond pure writing ability, although ofc this has to be solid at minimum.
In return, the work comes in, - already have a strong working colleague network, then I allocate you the articles I think best suits your each individual (I want a spread of complimentary journalism skills) and pay you the best rate I can (with uniquely full financial transparency,) while ofc providing myself with a resonable income.
This will be a TEAM. - One is good many can be great.

Examples of work required.

If you are interested please reply here or PM me here/twitter @gledit.

Mr. Gledhill CEO gledit cryptocurrency journalism solutions.