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Title: [ANN] LoveBlock - A decentralized network to eliminate fraud in online dating
Post by: LoveBlock on June 06, 2018, 09:33:55 AM
Online dating is a huge — an industry capitalizing 5 billion dollars to be exact. But despite its growth as an emerging service, online dating platforms still continue to be plagued with a range of issues, including but not limited to: scammers, fraud, fake profiles, and data breaches.

There has never been a dating platform that has provided the sufficient security needed for this market. That’s where we come in.
Introducing LoveBlock, a decentralized platform focused on utilizing blockchain technology to alleviate these problems and more. We have made it our mission to not only solve these security concerns, but also further address a host of other problems facing the industry simply by linking dating services on our blockchain- based ecosystem where data can be shared and monetized. We are LoveBlock and we are here to help you find your Mr. or Mrs. Right – on your preferred platform without any drama.
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Title: Re: [ANN] LoveBlock - A decentralized network to eliminate fraud in online dating
Post by: LoveBlock on July 12, 2018, 04:09:46 AM
The issue of #Fraud is taking over dating apps today!!! 🕵️‍♀️

Instead of users being burdened by trying to figure out who is a scammer, solve the problem at its core starting with the dating platforms!

The LoveBlock Blockchain solves this problem and more by doing just that!

Visit to find out more information ❤️

Title: Re: [ANN] LoveBlock - BOUNTY ❤️ 2 Million DDD Giveaway!!! 3 Weeks Only!
Post by: LoveBlock on July 25, 2018, 04:01:51 AM
❤️LoveBlock Content Creation Bounty is Now Live!!!❤️

✍️LoveBlock, the Decentralized Database for Dating has launched its Content Creation Bounty and is giving away 2 Million of the DDD cryptocurrency

To get involved in the LoveBlock Content Creation Bounty, follow the simple steps below we have listed for your convenience and you can earn DDD coins for creating content:

1. Register on our website ( and join our Official LoveBlock Telegram Group (

2. Create a noteworthy Blog/Media post, for example on Medium, the Bitcointalk Forum, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Hacker Noon, relevant News Websites and more.

3. Fill out the simple bounty form that can be found via our website ( to inform the LoveBlock Team of your posting.

4. One of the LB Team members will check the quality and reach of your posting.

5. If your post meets the requirements then you will be credited with the relevant amount of DDD coins (As shown in the regulations listed in full at

You can earn up to 10,000 DDD per video, up to 8,000 DDD per article and you can earn up to 3,000 DDD for each blog posting!

Exceptional content may be eligible for even greater rewards at the discretion of the LB Team.

There is a limit though, once the tokens for the creation are given away the LoveBlock Bounty program will end!!!

There is no guarantee of any tokens being earned – the decision on the quality of the content will be at the sole discretion of the LoveBlock Team

Also, content in any language is welcome!

In order to get involved in the LoveBlock Content Creation Bounty visit our website at

For technical support, please contact LoveBlock via our official Telegram group ( Contact any active admin and they will forward the inquiry on to the relevant LB Team member.

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Title: Re: [ANN] LoveBlock - A decentralized network to eliminate fraud in online dating
Post by: novokovskitve on October 10, 2018, 09:52:45 AM
Sites for dating and so a dime a dozen, but if the team does not abandon the project in such an environment and rozoviet new block chain structure that eliminates fraud over time, they will be known throughout the world