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Title: Golden Hash
Post by: Golden Hash on June 06, 2018, 09:44:57 PM
Haven't you watched the  #GoldenHash ofical video on our YouTube chanel? Take a second and run to watch it. … … Make sure to like and subscribe as well! #GoldenHash

Did you Know with #GoldenHash you get storage capacity on the the Blockchain? That means your files will be stored in a safe way #GoldenHash

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Did you know that cloud-based storage, or any other storage arrays, provides unprecedented levels of control and customization?

Golden Hash (XGH) is an ERC20 standard token implemented by the Ethereum’s network. It has a predefined and limited supply, and it is easily associable with Exchanges as decentralized as traditional. A total of 420 millions of coins are available.

The #XGH token is a cryptocurrency that allows transactions on the Golden Space platform, this is the only payment method to acquire storage space and backing your information.

With our referral program the investor will have the chance to get 150XGH more, for every person who registers and participates on the PRE-ICO phase. What are you waiting to do it?

Golden Hash (XGH) will give you permanent access to the Storage platform named GoldenSpace. Also, you will be able to operate on the biggest Exchange platforms. Stay tuned!

#GoldenHash aims to be the best storage system supported on a network of dedicated servers and exclusive, It is a platform available for different devices and operating systems. Stay tuned!

Did you know that the users will not need an USB device or a HardWare to store their information, just only with our platform named #GoldenSpace?

#GoldenSpace is totally acsequible due it is not necessary of preliminal downloads, minimizing income barriers, and the potential users will increase exponentially on our Storage platform

To login on #GoldenSpace is only need to have the cryptographic key or hash. This key is unique and it is given only once by the platform, for this reason, it is necessary to handle it with extremely care to avoid the risk and the integrity of the information stored.