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Title: eHookah/eShisha/eCig Disposable/Reuseable Pen! - 5 Flavours
Post by: Blastra on February 01, 2014, 10:30:56 AM
Hello BTC Talk,

I am selling eHookah disposable (Can be refilled) pens for everyone today! :)

Glows FIRE at tip when enhaled. Once you have read the thread. Add my skype to buy or Private message me to buy. My Skype: pcmaster123

[align=center]These have 500 Puffs of flavour, with a choice of 10 different flavours! no nicotine, tar, tobacco.  The eHookah pen is ready to use allowing you to comfortably and legally smoke indoors, and doesnt contain nicotine or the 4000 chemicals you would usually get in a normal cigarette, making it a healthier alternative to smoking a cigarette or shisha.

Price: $15

Flavours Available:

(1) Apple

(2) Cherry

(3) Mint / Menthol

(4) Strawberry

(5) Vanilla

(6) Blueberry

(7) Bubble Gum

(8) Cola

(9) Mango

(10) Water Melon


I do NOT mail to PO Box addresses.
I accept BTC only.
Depending on your location it could take 6-14 days for delivery, once you receive your tracking number.
T.O.S can be subject to change.[/align]

To Order
Shipping Address:
Accept the T.O.S?
I will respond with payment details, once you have paid, I will send your tracking number when it's sent mailed off.

Pm or post any questions.