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Title: - first cloud-based trading bot
Post by: ezhpozh on June 08, 2018, 12:17:30 PM
Hi there,

I'm glad to introduce you my cloud bot that can trade cryptocurrencies 24/7 cloud-based. The bot is rather old (it was created in 2014 but before that there were some test versions), but promoted and supported only in Russian. So, there is a big knowledgebase about it in Russian, and I'm started to migrate to English.
We have big thread in Russian forum (/eFNfZJ]https://[Suspicious link removed]/eFNfZJ (https://[Suspicious link removed)) so I want to make something like that here.
Cloudbot supports English from it was born so you can use it now. Here is short description. If you have any questions or ideas - please, write here.


The first cloud bot for crypto trading.

CLOUDBOT (bellow “bot”) allow to trade cryptocurrencies on your exchange account automatically. It supports WEX, BINANCE, BITFINEX, BITTREX, POLONIEX, EXMO, HUOBI, HITBTC, BITSTAMP and works in cloud 24/7. It means that you do not need to use your PC or buy VPS. You just have an access to bot's control panel via your browser. Also using cloud technologies allow us to continuously update bot in background, you will not see this process and you will not have to think about updates - you just always have actual version of the bot. After register you will have default settings filled in strategy properties and can start to trade and make money immediately after turning the bot on, investigating and learning details in parallel.

Bot's strategy is a variant of averaging price. Bot works by "cycles". Each cycle starts with creating macro orders table. For example, for LONG strategy it means that the bot will create numerous of orders to buy. The first order's price will be below LAST value by "first order gap" strategy property. The rest order's prices will be spread in "cost coverage" range by "orders count" orders. For example, for strategy properties:
  • first order gap 1%
  • orders count - 5
  • cost coverage 20%

and LAST = 100 we will have:
  • the first order cost = 100 - 1% = 99
  • the last order cost = 99 - (99*0.2) = 79.2
  • gap between orders will be (99-79.2)/(5-1) = 4.95

So, we will have next order costs:
  • 99
  • 94.05
  • 89.1
  • 84.15
  • 79.2

It is correct for normal order spread. If you configure strategy to use "logarithmic" spread (property "Use logarithmic table") the costs of orders will be spread by log10 function. It means that closer to LAST value the gap between orders will be smaller.

About orders amount. Strategy has a property called "Martingale". It means how much each next order volume will be large then previous one. If martingale is zero, then all deposit will be split between orders the way that orders volume will be equal. Order volume mean order price multiplied by order amount.

So, the strategy works next way:
  • when price come down, the first buy order executed and bot creates so called "fix order" - sell order with price including market fees and your profit setup
  • when price continue coming down, the second order executed and fix order will be recreated with overall amount of executed macro orders and average price. So, the price of new fix order will be lower.
  • when price grow up, the fix order will be executed and cycle is finished.

Another words, bot try to work on all price trends and make profit when the price rebound.

Also bot has pull-up (pull-down) function. For example (LONG), the bot created macro orders but price start to raise up. In this case if gap between upper order and LAST become double of first order gap property, bot clear all macro orders and creates them from current LAST. So, it looks like the bot pull up (follow) macro order table by LAST price. The trigger value by default is doubled first order gap, but you can set up any value in strategy setup.

That’s all about strategy. The SHORT strategy works the same way, but mirrored. Macro orders is SELL, fix order is BUY. Bot sells deposit and then buy the same amount of deposit by lower price. The profit is accumulated in the second (quoted) currency of pair.

The list of supporting exchanges is permanently growing. The bot can trade on any currency pair that your exchange supports. The list of available pairs always actual and building up by bot automatically. Also the bot takes in account exchange's fees, you do not need to think about this. Note that some exchanges give some sales and reduced fees but do not share this data to bots. In such cases you can configure bot to not take into account exchange’s fees and consider it by yourself (in “profit” property).

The CLOUDBOT grows and evaluates fast, so it uses some tricks to deal with exchanges limits. For example, BITFINEX allows to make only few calls per minute to their API. They claim that this limit can be lowered up to ten requests per minute! Imagine if the bot wants to create 30 limit orders. To do that it must call the exchange up to 35 times! The excellent news is that the bot supports so called 'distributed' mode and works with BITFINEX really fast - it can create 30 orders in 10-20 seconds!

There is many information (manual, blog, forum, telegram channel) about bot, but in Russian. English versions will be created soon.


  • Register
  • Pay
  • Trade


Registration is free to pay. To work with bot, you will need API and Secret key. You can generate this pair in your exchange account setup. Please, be aware of general rules of using API keys:
  • You must not use the same API key in several applications. One key - one application.
  • You must not enable withdrawal on API key that you will use with this bot. It is because security reason.

API key has a bunch of access rights. To use this bot API key must have next rights:
  • read account (balance, wallets) info
  • trade or read/write orders
  • read for account history

Few examples:
WEX: info and trade must be on
BITFINEX: account must have Trader or Exchange type, API key must has read privileges for account info, account history, wallets, and read/write for orders. Also, "Fee type of exchange orders" must be set up to "Currency exchange fee".
POLONIEX: deposit must be on Exchange

Let's register. Point your browser to and click 'Register'. Then fill necessary fields:
  • Choose exchange (you can change it in future only via support)
  • Choose strategy (you can change it any time)
  • Choose trade pair (you can change it any time)
  • Enter your login and password which you will use to login to control panel.
  • Enter real email (you can change it any time)
  • Enter referral number if you have it.

Click 'Register' and few seconds later (during this time the system search bot's instance with the lowest load) your browser will be redirected to your control panel login. Note that the bot contains many instances but you can login only via this URL. Also you will receive an email with registration confirmation and this URL.

That’s all, you can login.


You should open bot's control page, enter your API and Secret keys and then save changes. Next you can check or set up strategy properties if you need. After registration bot has filled in properties that suitable for most pairs and was found by many users. Next step is to pay subscription and that all - the bot starts work immediately after receive payment confirmation - usually it takes about 5-10 minutes. To pay subscription you should click 'Make Payment' button in control panel. You mill be redirected to payment page with payment form (please, if you are not resident of CIS, use bePaid service).

The best practice is to hide all deposits you will not use in trade with bot. For example, if you choose BTC/USD pair and LONG strategy, hide all BTC and USD, leave free only part of USD you want to bot use. To hide deposit, you can just create order with fake cost that will never executed. This trick prevents unexpected trades if something goes wrong.


Bot works by subscription way. Subscription means that the bot will work and will be supported all payed time. You should pay 1000 Russian Rubles (RUB) or 30 Belorussian Rubles (BYN) for 30 days. 30 BYN is approximately 15 USD. You can pay any value from 10 to 90 BYN - the bot calculates payed days and prolong subscription by that amount of days.


To contact support, use "Support" button in control panel - your mail application will open with prefilled subject - do not clear or change subject.


If you bring new user, your subscription will be prolonged once by such amount of days that this user pays for the first time. Also newly registered (by referal link) user get free 3-day subscription available after registration.
There is a referral number in your control panel. To use referral system, the new user must enter this value in special field during registration. Also, to redeem bonus, your subscription must be active. You will not receive bonus if your subscription is not active.


PROHIBITED: any actions with orders created by bot
ALLOWED: all other actions. You can create your own orders, withdraw or deposit and so on.

The main requirements - you must no interfere with bot.

Title: Re: - first cloud-based trading bot
Post by: ezhpozh on June 10, 2018, 08:27:32 AM
Here is an example of bot's work with it's "short" strategy on STEEM/ETH pair. Nice view to understand how it works.

Title: Re: - first cloud-based trading bot
Post by: ezhpozh on June 16, 2018, 03:17:35 PM
Hi there,

Today we have added possibility to trade with bot on Bitstamp exchange. Just choose it during register or send an exchange migrate requrest to support. After registration you will need to enter not only API and Secret keys, but also Customer ID (get it from your Bitstamp account). API key must has permissions like on this screenshot:

PS. Of course, Cloudbot implementation for Bitstamp uses distributed mode, so API limit's of Bitstamp (600 calls per 10 minutes) are not apply to the Cloudbot.

Title: Re: - first cloud-based trading bot
Post by: ezhpozh on July 10, 2018, 07:21:32 PM
There were some improvements in CLOUDBOT's infrastructure. As a result a part of control panels were moved to another web address. All affected users were informed via email about old and new web address of control panel. During improvements CLOUDBOT was not interrupted and continue work as usually.

Title: Re: - first cloud-based trading bot
Post by: ezhpozh on July 12, 2018, 12:39:51 PM
Hi there,

Cost limit feature have been modified.
Old behavior: if last price exceed cost limit then bot cancel macro-table.
New behavior: if last price exceed cost limit then bot create macro-table with first step price equal to the cost limit value.

Details in manual.

WBR, Eugeny

Title: Re: - first cloud-based trading bot
Post by: ezhpozh on September 28, 2018, 04:42:19 PM
Hi there,

According to many requests from users, there are some changes in referal system.

First of all, for now it is possible to get direct registration link with your personal referal number. In your control panel you can find your referal number - it is a link. Give this link to your friend and he/she can register in cloudbot with your referal number (it will be prefilled in registration form).

Also, these new users which registered with referal link, will get free 3-day subscription available immideately after registration!