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Title: [CPU-Mining] Mining Datacoin with 0% Fee
Post by: tiaguitah on February 02, 2014, 07:42:05 PM

Tutorial to mine:


datacoin blockchain explorer:

How to mine:
First download the a miner:

Candyminer Windows:

*Make sure you are downloading the Candyminer ( download the one for XPM - it works with dtc too ). Other miners on that page won't work with candypool.

Linux Miner:

After that start the miner by commandline or batch file with the following parameters.
candyMiner-T17v12.exe -o -u username.workername -p workerpassword -m 47 -m2 53 -m3 59 -m4 67
In the windows download package is already a batch file included that you can change ( username / password ) and use.
In case you are using linux you need to call the miner with parameters given above.

note: remember to create a worker on candypool and edit "username.workername"