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Title: ELET Coin 1000000 for 10$
Post by: eletcoin on June 15, 2018, 11:14:16 AM
This is for surprise of your future. because we are going to follow ETN V2 coin. developers are hardly working on it to start new coin. anyone can possible to mine this coin in your own pc. so now we are going to telling you whats the new thing about this ETN V2. First we have to tell there is no free distribute. But you dont want to invest thousonds of dollar. But you can earn. You have to invest only 10$ first 1500 people is cap. ETN V2 Coin based on mobile payment.
We aim to list this coin soon to Kucoin , IDEX, Bittrex when it end of this ico.

Everyone should have to follow our twitter and join telegram

now I like to tell how can you get your 100000 of ELET Coin. First you have to ERC20 ETH wallet.

You should have to fill this form and buy ELET Coin for 10 dollar its worth could be 300$ this is personal cap for pre ICO.

maximum supply of ELET coin 21000000.

Remember your 10$ ETH sending address and form address be the same because your coins drops to your ETH sending address.