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Title: 【AIRDROP] Contentos Token 50pcs worth $20 free (going listed on Binance Exchange
Post by: RatingToken on July 09, 2018, 12:11:59 PM
💡 Three ways to get FREE Contentos Tokens in RatingToken!

First: ⚽️Attend Activity
Token World Cup

Second: 💰Attend Airdrop
Finish below steps, Get 50 COS totally!
Step 1: Join Telegram @ratingtoken
Step 2: Follow on Twitter
Finish above two steps, get free 30 COS!
Step Bonus: Retweet(get extra 20 COS!)
Fill this form:, get your COS!

Third: 👬Invite Friends
Invite Friends to attend the second activity-Airdrop. Invite a friend, you could get 5 COS after your friends finish Airdrop activity. You could invite 10 people maximum!
Please remind your friends to fill your Telegram account when they fill form, we will count according to the form!