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Title: Cycoin Pre-ICO now open
Post by: Cycoin on July 10, 2018, 06:35:30 AM

[ANN] Cycoin -- Cryptocurrency Investing Made Easy
###Take control of your cryptocurrency investments with Cycoin, a decentralized investment fund managed by professionals.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is complicated. Signing up for unsecured exchanges, using countless wallets for different coins, and trying to keep a balanced portfolio in a highly volatile market can wear you down and leave you in the red.

Cycoin is a crypto fund that takes the guess-work out of digital asset investment by having professionals handle your portfolio. Unlike other funds, however, **you own** the digital assets backing Cycoin and can vote to redeem them at any time.

####[Join Pre-ICO for 25% Bonus]( (

###How Does it Work?

When you buy Cycoin, you're buying a wealth-coin that is backed by the assets in the Cycoin fund, **generating passive income** paid monthly.

####Profitable Exposure to Cryptocurrency Markets in 3 Steps

1. After the conclusion of its ICO, the Cycoin Team will use the raised funds to purchase cryptocurrencies on exchanges that offer those assets on margin loan. After converting the entire fund into crypto assets, those assets will be lent to traders on exchanges to accrue margin lending interest which ranges from .02%-5% per day, depending on the asset, with profits paid monthly to Cycoin holders.

2. The team will scale back margin lending and allocate fund resources to arbitrage opportunities. Arbitrage works by buying an asset at a lower price on one exchange and selling it at another exchange where it's price is higher. The difference is taken as profit and distributed on a monthly basis to Cycoin holders.

3. Cycoin will allocate up to 50% of its fund to ICO investment. The Cycoin team possess a wealth of experience in fund management and asset analysis, giving them a leading edge in the ICO market. The team will exhaustively vet and curate a selection of ICOs for the fund to target, with a premium placed on real-world projects that have an adoptable vision. 10% of the income generated by ICO investments are reinvested into the fund, **increasing the amount of cryptocurrencies held and thereby raising Cycoin holder payouts**.

###With *Coin Democracy*, You Own the Fund

Unlike traditional investment solutions that leave investors powerless, Cycoin uses a decentralized governance model called **Coin Democracy**. With Coin Democracy, our smart contracts ensure that each Cycoin holder has a voice and a vote over the direction of the fund at all times.

After the conclusion of the Cycoin ICO, we will convert the raised funds into carefully selected cryptocurrency assets. **Those assets will be placed in a Cycoin Trust with Cycoin holders named as its beneficiaries**. This means that Cycoin's fund managers do just that - manage - while Cycoin's holders own the actual assets in play.

Cycoin onchain and offchain coin democracy diagram

Cycoin uses three smart contracts to ensure **Coin Democracy**.

1. The first smart contract enables Cycoin holders to make proposals to the network
2. The second smart contract takes successful proposals to a network-wide vote
3.  The third smart contract acts as a failsafe. If Cycoin holders vote by a majority decision to redeem the assets in the fund, the smart contract will ensure that the operation happens.

Every Cycoin is equal to one vote -- the more Cycoin you own, **the higher the return on your investment and the more sway you hold in voting**.

###How Do I Start Investing With Cycoin?

Cycoin is currently in its pre-ICO phase. Early investors will receive a 25% bonus on their Cycoin investment by [purchasing Cycoin now]( (

###What Does a Cycoin Token Do?

Cycoin is a wealth-coin backed by the performance of the cryptocurrencies held in the fund. Owning Cycoin entitles you to receive monthly returns on your investment in proportion with the amount of Cycoin you hold.

Additionally, as a Cycoin holder, you are entitled to proposing system-wide changes at any time and can vote on any proposals made, with each of your Cycoins giving you a vote.

###Who Is the Cycoin Team?

The Cycoin team are veteran fund managers, executives, and developers. Between them, the Cycoin Team has decades of experience, giving them a wealth of strategies and know-how to draw from.

To learn more about the team and visit their impressive LinkedIn profiles, head over to the [Cycoin team page]( (

###Has the Cycoin ICO been professionally vetted?

As a matter of fact, yes! [Token Intelligence gave Cycoin an 8/10 rating]( (, one of their highest scores given to an ICO in 2018. Also ICOBench 3.5, see Foundico, ICOBazar, Coingecko and more for more info.

###Where Can I Learn More About Cycoin?

Cycoin has a growing community -- follow us to find out everything you need to know about Cycoin. Our accessible team is always available to answer your questions! ( ( ( ( ( (

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Post by: Cycoin on July 10, 2018, 09:36:19 AM
Hi, thank you for adding us, many thanks for your support.

Title: Re: Upcoming Pre-ICO Cycoin
Post by: temmuz on July 10, 2018, 09:38:42 AM
you made a very simple introduction.
it is difficult to convince the investor in this way.

Title: Re: Cycoin Pre-ICO now open
Post by: Cycoin on November 25, 2018, 02:50:30 PM