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Post by: careonchain123 on July 14, 2018, 10:35:27 AM
Careonchain welcome you all to participate in its pre-sale which has begun. Hurry-up and take advantage of its BONOUS percentage. The faster you buy more profit you get .Early birds gets much more profit by investing .Take advantage as much as you can because CAREONCHAIN aims that our investors can get much of profits for their investment. Careonchain has taken all necessary measures so that participants who take part in careonchain pre-sale can get both long and short term profits and huge returns .Try not to miss it.
An overall view that how one can get large returns in by investing in CAREONCHAIN projects:
1. Careonchain have its own private Blockchain.
2. Careonchain has its own secure REO wallet.
a. REO wallet will be used to store REO coins.
b. One can perform peer to peer transition with detail record of it.
c. One can generate as much numbers of REO wallet to store different no of REO coins.
3. Careonchain has very less number of coins supply which is around 360 million.
4. Total number of coins for sale is around 252 million rest are reserve with company .
5. Careonchain has initiated the facility of COIN BURN for investors under which
a. Number of unsold REO coins will be burned after public sale ends.
b. Careonchain will be burning around 2–3 millions of coins from JAN — 2019 for next 36 months.
c. All the above steps will be taken so that CAREONCHAIN gets more value as the total supply will be decreasing every month.

NOTE: Please visit our website and buy through it ,do not get trapped by scammers.
Website :
Coin Name/Symbol: Careonchain( REO)
CoinPrice: $0.09 in pre — sale with 50% Bonus
Actual price- 0.24$
soft Cap: $ 2,000,000 Hard Cap: $20,000,000
Whitepaper link:
Social site links:
Careon Chain (u/careonchain) — Reddit u/careonchain: Looking for Best Upcoming ICO to invest in July 2018, Careon chain is the best option for you…
Total coins: 360, 000, 000
Coin for sale: 165, 000, 000
Payment Accepted: ETH, BTC
Platform: Private Blockchain

Post by: iHaveDreams on July 14, 2018, 10:40:42 AM
really unattractive with such short information, san I am not at all familiar with this project, please update it immediately, and provide as much detail as possible in order to attract attention,
I will wait for its renewal. I want to monitor this project.
I apologize if there is a talk that I am less pleased with you, but I am good for this project