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Title: How to take part in social Media Bounties for NEWBIES
Post by: Timmzzy on July 19, 2018, 08:23:34 PM

Greetings my hommies, Yeah I wanna see to my possible best to make sure I put you all through on how to "TAKE PART IN A BOUNTY", YES it's said nothing Good comes easy and all is determination and hard work. So let's ride along.

Now the area I will be looking at is the social Media bounties which are in different perspective we have:

1️⃣. Facebook campaign
2️⃣. Twitter campaign
3️⃣. LinkedIn
4️⃣. Instagram
5️⃣. Telegram
6️⃣. Medium
7️⃣. Reddit

CLUE: make sure you have all this account because most of the Campaign Registration either Facebook or Twitter the form might decide to ask for your LinkedIn profile URL, medium profile URL, Reddit Profile URL and so on, that's when registering and they indicate (*️⃣) in which that one that's indicated with the star is a most you fill it you can't skipped it.

Now in list of social media campaign above they all have their own different rules which is been set in any kinda Bounty you come across.
*️⃣NOTE: Not all Bounties will have all of that social media campaign, some might just have 6 out of the 7 on the list and so on, which for sure TWITTER AND FACEBOOK most be in. I know most of us have FACEBOOK and TWITTER ACCOUNT Yeah we do. Now most Bounties will not accept new account which is just a Month old some will need an ACCOUNT which is up to 3,4,5,6 Months old, FOR ME  all of that is a BYEGONE because my TWITTER ACCOUNT is around 15yrs+ or so and same Goes to my FACEBOOK. Now my own Brain work I did is I get another ACCOUNTS for Chatting and other stuff, while the other TWITTER AND FACEBOOK is for the campaigns and other kinda CRYPTO related activities to be done. Now it didn't end there SOME campaigns will say MINIMUM number of TWITTER followers you should have to be part is 200, 250, 300, 500 and so on, FACEBOOK own is the same, REMEMBER it all regards to their DEMANDS I hope you get.. please take your time to read THIS. yeah the rules are always much but is easy and simple that's if you take your time to follow through, I my self I HANDLE 24+ BOUNTIES

*️⃣Twitter campaign: 24+
*️⃣Facebook campaign: 10+

 That's by the way.. so what am I saying,
 In Twitter they will say they need your account to be 80 to 90% when they use
 In Facebook they will ask you to make your account public that's you don't have to put anything in privacy ( private). In the side of twitter campaign is easy in the sense that u can use your TWITTER APP to copy your RETWEETS AND TWEETS LINKS very easy. But in the side of FACEBOOK you need a PC or any BROWSER on your PHONE which can copy your share post you shared from their Facebook timeline to your own timeline like this:
👆That's for example how the format of the link will be.

Ok, Now most of the bounties make use of FORMS to submit your work and some will say make your submission on the thread which means you have to post your reports on the thread, I know you will be like how will they take to know and calculate your stakes or let's say get to know that you have submitted your work, they have computers that scan through all of the participants work and get to give your stakes for it.
And any that didn't give you stakes in the sense that you have made your report before the given date just GO to the TELEGRAM bounty group and complain about it and they will fix your issue.

Please just make sure you read carefully I might not explain everything here because it will really be a long talk. All this BOUNTIES the minimum RANK you need to have on is JR(junior) MEMBER RANK. Then you are good to go. I will drop some image links to show you how I make my reports on most Bounties and the ones that make use of forms.

Here are image URLs of how I presents most of  my reports and also some Bounties that will ask you to make your reports in Google FORMS with some Bounties rules;

campaigns report and rule's image URLs:

Now as you view all those pictures you will come across some rules that says YOU MAKE NEW REPORTS: meaning you have to make new reply on the thread you don't have to EDIT your old reports and some will set a rule that you most EDIT your old reports... Yeah the rules are really HECTIC I most say, but if you take you time you will get it all, if you follow the rules you won't get ban or get rejected from the bounty, every other campaigns has rules too not only the social Media. And mind you some BOUNTIES will say make your reports on SUNDAYS only, which means its only when it gets to Sunday you will post in the thread or form, some will state other days and so on, and in the report through the week your report will contain 3, 5 or 10 Retweets and 3, 2 or 5 Tweets per week, which is all those Retweeting and tweets you have been doing make sure you HAVE GOOGLE KEEP APP or any FORM of NOTPAD APP in your phone where you gather all of it. See this PICTURE OF HOW I ARRANGE THEM USING MY GOOGLE KEEP APP to make it easier for me to track:

 some will say just only 10 or 5 RETWEETS meaning you won't have to make TWEETS.  I guess you grab what I mean there. That's for TWITTER CAMPAIGN and same goes to FACEBOOK TOO but their rules differs.

Let's take a break here... After this I know I will have lots of PCHAT I definitely find out time to reply and please don't ask off points questions so you don't get your self more confused.



Title: Re: How to take part in social Media Bounties for NEWBIES
Post by: Timmzzy on July 19, 2018, 09:32:50 PM
Wow! Well done Timmzy. That was lengthy and informative too. I just need how to increase my followership in Twitter to 200+. My Facebook is a no-go area.

For sure chat me up on Whatsapp if u have my digit I will give u some tricks and tips

Title: Re: How to take part in social Media Bounties for NEWBIES
Post by: coly20032003 on August 16, 2018, 04:11:32 AM
Thanks for the information. It will be very useful for newbies. For me, I like to participate in facebook and twitter campaigns. Sometimes I write article to promote the projects as well. Signature campaign is another good way to earn some coins. For telegram, I already joined so many projects it is kind of reaching the maximum already.