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Title: [Dodgy] [Avoid]
Post by: darrenwgray on February 18, 2014, 06:24:40 PM
Apparently I am not allowed to post on the Crycurex thread; probably because I ask some really interesting questions.

1: Why is it that the complaints on the Crycurex thread get deleted?
2: If I am a "paid hater" - how come I am still so poor?
3: When are you going to update the terms and conditions of registration? I pointed out 18 legal and moral errors about a month ago (the post was one you deleted)
4: How come I have to start a new thread to highlight flaws in Crycurex? (because of question 1)
5: Did you ever answer atheistftwins? (No.... not really)
6: You support channel on IRC never has any support staff in there.... do you have any support?
Quote from: crycurex
I would kindly ask you remove your post, because it can cause me problems no because those 2 thiefs but because Slovakian legislative about running web services. Thank you for understanding
So in your country you were operating illegally.... interesting.

I could go on, but I got bored....

Title: Re: [Dodgy] [Avoid]
Post by: fighter on February 18, 2014, 06:32:00 PM
Very shady.

Title: Re: [Dodgy] [Avoid]
Post by: darrenwgray on February 18, 2014, 06:45:15 PM
I know.... like; what is really shady is that I was apparently a paid hater, yet my total holding is less than .01BTC anywhere

Title: Re: [Dodgy] [Avoid]
Post by: fighter on February 18, 2014, 07:32:15 PM
Can you prove that?

Title: Re: [Dodgy] [Avoid]
Post by: darrenwgray on February 20, 2014, 06:29:42 PM
Yeah -

I have a bitcoin wallet with 0.00023784BTC in it,
an unused (or at least it is now) account with negligable balances in it,
and a CryptoRush account with 0.00103833BTC.

I have got accounts at BTC-e and Cryptsy on the back of starting to follow a twitter user called BTCWhale. I have never used them though as it costs 0.001BTC to move coins anywhere. I only got interested in BTC for an article on behalf of a media outlet in the UK.

Now, for the record I have been harping on about failures:
  • The owner thinks that everyone who visits his site has a knowledge of the BitCoin Forum for example - His terms and conditions (dated 20 January) do not talk about fees of either use of the site, transactions or withdrawals. Nor does it mention minimum withdrawal limits. I have pointed this out but the owner is doing a "Emu/Head in the sand" because he says that everyone should have a knowledge of the terms and conditions on the now locked thread here.

    Now if you are looking to increase demand for a product, do you insist on your customers being telepathic and knowing the Bitcoin Forum even exists?
  • The owner was hyping up that he had automated transactions ready to implement weeks ago on his Announcement thread when others were saying they might start testing it. They still have not happened; did it fall apart or was it never in place in the first place.
  • When complaints were raised in the Crycurex announce forum, rather than actually addressing them the owner closed them and started a new self-moderated thread

This is just a small number of a long list. I was actually prepared to help Crycurex to develop some basic and core elements to a website. In the end I got threats to cease and desist on this forums private messaging service because the user claimed that to run Crycurex in his home country was illegal as he did not have the appropriate licences. Slovakia does have some strange rules but they do have reasonable financial controls.

On January 28 he wrote:

I am from slovakia and looks like you dont know how it works here in slovakia ...  I will tell you

To have internet company you have to make xyz papers .... if you wont you will be fined with like 10 000 eur ... But thouse papers costs like 5000 euros

I do not have thouse papers ... I kindly ask you to remove that PM once again or I go offline immediately...asI wont risk 10 000 euros fine

Thank you for understanding