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Title: Auroracoin facebook campaign
Post by: Canaanite on February 21, 2014, 09:46:35 AM
In order to get our Auroracoin project successful we need to get in-touch with most of the 300k residents
We found out that most of them use facebook on regular basis so we just launched yesterday a Facebook campaign that is starting to show results

1)We want to make the Icelandic people aware of their birthright to claim free pre-mined coins
2)We try to make the crypto community supportive to allow us growing

If you would like to donate for our advertising campaign please send btc to this address 1MVYdtxHbawC2CDyjQxn1hvkSyyfGbk7Jp

We are looking for our community to grow, so you welcomed join our forum at We would love to hear more opinions

If you would like to get some AUR coins of your own - this is one of the exchanges that support us

If you would like to mine the coin (Its a hard coin to mine, the difficulty really rose up lately) use this friendly pool ->

More Info can be read at