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Title: [pre-ANN] ChronoChain - IOT for documents and products
Post by: scpt_one on August 02, 2018, 12:25:05 AM
We offer you to get acquainted with our project-ChronoChain and its module Chrono.

Why are we doing this?

Counterfeit products pump trillions of dollars out of the economy every year and undermine the brand's value. From fake drugs to fake designer items, they are relentlessly hitting large industries such as healthcare, consumer and industrial products. The market for counterfeit drugs is now more than $ 220 billion - and it is growing steadily. And the problem is not only in Finance. Fake drugs, misidentification of patients, fake auto parts and aviation components.
The problem is that the prevention of fraud in the physical world is not as easy as it is in the digital world. Outdated methods, such as certificates, seals, identity cards and bracelets, are not up to their original task. They are also prone to loss or theft. This leaves the business, with two options: admit defeat and allow scammers to continue destroying the business and killing people.

What is ChronoChain?
Operating system for digitizing documents and products build on content-centric networking.

ChronoChain is a publicly audited ledger that stores data, signatures and the time when these signatures were witnessed by the service. ChronoChain, and everyone joins in that chronicle of data that are organized as multi-dimensional Merkle trees. This structure ensures that after adding an element to the ChronoChain Chronicle state. The reliability of the ChronoChain service is based on the public consistency audit of records.

Blockchain is another example of a "security through publicity" approach to support a hash-chain-based sequential log. However, the blockchain requires an efficient peer-to-peer multicast network, and requires that each node in the system keep a copy of the history, making it unsuitable for serving large amounts of long-lived data.

Chrono Module
Chrono is designed to simplify the digitization of documents/products for their protection and storage in the digital world.

Chrono authenticates your vital records. A revolutionary system for managing and authenticating vital records. Using ChronoChain safety and convenience technologies wireless data communication small range (NFC), any document or item can be stored in digital form, to share and to check in real-time using mobile devices.

Physical corresponds to digital                Suitable for any document   Protect your brand                 ChronoChain for maximum security
Digitizing without dematerialization.
Chrono bridges the data integrity
gap between the physical and
digital world.
  Whether it is a birth certificate,
University diploma, investment
certificate, land certificate,
insurance, Chrono can be applied
to any document.
  Don't let fakes damage
your reputation and reduce sales.
Protect your brand and engage
customers to verify the authenticity
of products when buying.
  Chrono is a decision based on ChronoChain
enabled transactions history of physical
instruments/products, and protect them
from tampering and change.