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Title: ✅✅[ANN] MediBit ICO - Healthcare Platform | Co-op ICO with a Crypto exchange ✅✅
Post by: MediBit on August 07, 2018, 06:17:05 PM

We are working together with a Korean exchange COINIS ( to
proceed the ICO together. This is available for Korean Citizens only.
Global contributors can contribute to the ICO through our website


MediBit will provide an HIPPA-compliment, open platform based on blockchain technology,
where healthcare consumers can authorize, choose, and control the level of sharing of their
personal health information with healthcare organizations.

In the healthcare industry, a large quantity of data is generated and used instantaneously by
not only healthcare providers, but also by healthcare consumers and researchers. Most of the
data is generated by healthcare organizations, but unfortunately, the medical data is
fragmented and dispersed due to the current medical data system and regulations from
various governances.

Unfortunately, current regulatory restrictions obstruct and stand in the way of an efficient
healthcare system. The HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) of the
United States set forth strict guidelines in sharing healthcare information among providers,
insurers, and consumers, which minimize the sharing of healthcare information in the name
of protecting privacy. Other countries have similar regulatory restrictions in sharing healthcare
information, which makes the sharing of sensitive personal healthcare information difficult.
The inability to access a patientís complete medical history hinders proper medical care,
promotes wasteful medical services, and generates unnecessary administrative overhead.
Medical data generated by current healthcare organizations use individual and incompatible
platforms, making the data less reliable. Also, the costs of setting up and maintaining current
healthcare platforms are very expensive. This results in reduced quality of care for patients
and healthcare consumers.

Since the emergence of blockchain technology, various platforms have attempted to distribute
healthcare information securely and efficiently. However, most of these platforms have existing
limitations due to

1) absence of profit model
2) lack of benefit between the medical
institutions that use the platform
3) regulatory restrictions
4) difficulty in sharing healthcare information amongst health information generators, and
5) patients having difficulty in keeping a proper record of their personal healthcare information
because their medical records are dispersed amongst different providers, and because healthcare
providers use individual and incompatible platforms.

These issues are especially troublesome for patients who might have a difficult time
expressing themselves clearly. For example,
1) patients with language barriers that are commonly found in multicultural countries
such as United States,
2) patients who arenít able to effectively communicate their medical conditions due
to cognitive deficits and/or physical disabilities,
3) And elders that may find difficulty in expressing their condition desperately need

After completing a successful medical platform model in the US, MediBit will actively
collaborate with other healthcare platforms to create a world without medical barriers, and
evolve into global network project by launching MediBit UK, MediBit SG, MediBit CAN, MediBit
JPN, MediBit KOR, and 11 others.


Please visit our website for more information. Such as whitepaper, roadmap, and team.

Title: Re: ✅✅[ANN] MediBit ICO - Healthcare Platform | Co-op ICO with a Crypto exchange ✅✅
Post by: ganegani91 on August 18, 2018, 04:10:10 PM
health services are indeed very range with personal data leakage, because it will be consumed by many researchers and health consultants, but if this project promises safe personal data, it will be very useful to maintain the honor of every consumer

Title: Re: ✅✅[ANN] MediBit ICO - Healthcare Platform | Co-op ICO with a Crypto exchange ✅✅
Post by: Silasa on August 18, 2018, 06:01:18 PM
Is medibit an  ethereum based project?