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Title: Likely merit abuse involving Legendary Member
Post by: hilariousetc on August 12, 2018, 06:05:44 PM
Noticed this user because his posts were terrible:;u=373847 Pab September 03, 2014

He has received merit from this user (who is banned and has negative feedback):;u=918100     housebtc November 10, 2016

Then I noticed the similarities between their posts:

Hello Bounty Hunter Friends,

Could you please tell me which signature campaign is the best for now? And, Please share your way how to choose a good signature or social bounty?

Thank You

That company what i advertise in my signature is really good.I have never seen before more legitimate and experienced team.All team members are holding 500 patents from ai and machine learning industry Check them because i don't know do they accepting junior but for sure you can join social bounty

There is nothing bad in quitting a job after you must have made huge profit, I read alot of stories of people who have made millions investing into crypto, so why do you need to keep working, since your live is set, but it very sadden to hear people quitting their normal job when they have nothing in reserve to leave on

No periods at the end of their sentences.

housebtc has also received two merit from someone but there's no history of it. Anyone know how to get that data? I wouldn't normally care about such a small potential abuse but it's likely ban evasion and he's crap posting.

Title: Re: Likely merit abuse involving Legendary Member
Post by: Coolcryptovator on August 12, 2018, 06:16:11 PM
housebtc full merit history here :

pab full merit history here :

Credit goes to : LoyceV (;u=459836)

Title: Re: Likely merit abuse involving Legendary Member
Post by: coinlocket$ on August 12, 2018, 07:02:34 PM
housebtc seems to have a lot of high ranked alts, hero members and senior, the main accounts seems to be jacaf01 (;u=811051)

7 Accounts Connected:

jacaf01 (;u=811051)
jacafbiz  (;u=888323),
disconnectme  (;u=891323),
mummybtc  (;u=895430),
thepo1m  (;u=895771),
topesis  (;u=895784),
housebtc (;u=918100)


Related Addresses:



Eth on forum:
jacaf01;u=811051 ARCHIVE;u=811051
disconnectme;u=891323 ARCHIVE
mummybtc;u=895430 ARCHIVE
thepo1m;u=895771 ARCHIVE
topesis;u=895784 ARCHIVE
housebtc;u=918100 ARCHIVE


You can find most of the address here:

Title: Re: Likely merit abuse involving Legendary Member
Post by: coinlocket$ on August 12, 2018, 07:04:45 PM
For more infos.

The pab address seems to be

And can be found on this old spreadsheet

Those are the transactions for this address:

Title: Re: Likely merit abuse involving Legendary Member
Post by: hilariousetc on August 12, 2018, 07:39:50 PM
Good work. All missing the periods on the end of their posts as well:

If the news that SEC is going really hard on ICOS then we might see the demand for the Ethers dropped and this is very good because it is getting hard now to differentiate what is a scam ICO from real projects. I think one need to watch out for support if it is broken or not

I don't know why people are so particular at what is happening in the EOS wallet, developers move this money several times but most of them always employ the use of third party to sell their Ethers and not move directly to exchange not to cause panic in the market

I think it is if one want to do scrapping but holding for long term would be a tough call in my opinion, see the big picture please, it is very surprising now that the fake volumes on these exchange is increasing and not reflecting in the price of coins. how can a coin with a trading volume of $1 million on average not see and major shift in its price whether negative or positive

i bought at 4$ now i have  big lose . do you think price will recover in september or better to sell now and accept the lose ?
Do not sell in this period as this will definitely be the wrong decision for you. I think Icon is a good project and gathers a lot of good people so they will definitely have a new strategy to develop the project. Just not selling and should be more patient then the ICX price will increase again because I have strong belief in this period.

Please make your own decision, I missed out on the ICO and started buying around 33ksat, but decided to sell my tokens at 22ksat after great dump and then it seems like a loss but now it was the right decision to make. I have a feeling this is going below 10k, someone said the contract the team had with their market maker has ended
I think we will see an improvement in the market in the coming months . It is worth to have patience and wait .
Yeah it's always worth to wait some time in my opinion, and also I see that some ICOs and Bounties paused their work for better market conditions as we all see

I think we need the market to recover because alot of panic sell is happening now, investors are getting rekt in the market, imagine investing $3k into an ICO and the price now is less than $800. I think a new order need to happen if we need market recovery. The ICO space has been greatly abuse and some of these developers need to be arrested IMO for alot of shady practices

Yes, you need to, I think for now people need to start to look into diversifying into fiat also, most people will disappoint with me, but so far if one have diversified into Fiat in January, it would have outperform most of the Altcoins and even Bitcoin this year, the way thinks are this year, it is likely to be a flat year

jacaf01 and thepo1m are also banned.