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Title: Will Crowdpark's Tycoons Be Placing A Bet On Bitcoin?
Post by: ptshamrock on October 20, 2011, 11:26:05 AM

Crowdpark, the maker of the Bet Tycoon game on Facebook may be considering adding Bitcoin as a virtual currency used by the game’s half million users. Louis Bedigian (@LouisBedigian), on staff at Benzinga, writes that the startup’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer “would love to [implement bets made with bitcoins]”.
Crowdpark makes social gambling and prediction-markets games and plans to expand with the sports markets. The report follows Crowdpark’s announcement that it had received $6 million in new funding.

the article is great news..but the source seems deleted ..can anyone tell me why?

did the writer get an call to delete it?

can someone please elaborate on it ?