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  TIMBERCOIN- your first crypto currency provided with laminated veneer (LVL), cross-laminated wood (CLT), Smart Green House (SGH).
The solution we propose consists of three simple steps: terms - budget - quality.
The project will be completed on time.
Documentation and three-steps budgetary monitoring.
Compliance with BREEM (UK) and LEED (USA).

What is TimberCoin?

TIMBERCOIN is an investment fund based on Ethereum which will allow participants to receive income from the sale of the Smart Green House product.
Realization of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Smart Green House (SGH) products will ensure stable profit for investors, as demand from our customers is constantly growing.
For today only TIMBERCOIN is engaged in the implementation of Smart Green House technology in Russia.
The essence of the project is the modernization of sustainable production, and the introduction of blocking technology in the field of wood processing and frame house construction
The TIMBERCOIN project attracts funds for the modernization and development of appropriate technologies, new generation products and production start-up.
The unique experience of the TIMBERCOIN project team allows to solve the tasks set. We are working on a project to create a Smart Green House (SGH) product since 2016.
For this purpose, technical experts of TIMBERCOIN released digital tokens TMB. You can buy TMB tokens via the corresponding form on our website.

The underlying asset is the asset on which the financial derivative (option) is based. This is the product, in our case, it is the composite material LVL, CLT, SGH and the TIMBERCOIN derivative.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is the high-strength composite structural material based on the natural solid wood.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is the cross-laminated wooden slabs for walls and ceilings of the residential and non-residential buildings.
-   Environmentally friendly composite material based on the natural wood having the unique strength characteristics;
-   The material does not change its properties throughout the service life of the product;
-   The physical properties of the material are unchanged along the entire length;
-   The material retains its geometric dimensions and physical properties regardless of seasonal factors, environmental changes and climatic conditions;
-   Resistant to aggressive environments;
-   The cost of LVL, CLT does not depend on its length and cross-section;
-   Having possessed high physical and mechanical properties, LVL and CLT completely preserve the wooden external structure that allows using the products and structures in the interior, without any additional finishing.
Smart Green House (SGH) is a unique integration of the latest developments in the field of wood processing and pre-cut construction method. Compliance with the environmental standards BREEM (Great Britain) and LEED (USA).
-   High load-bearing capacity;
-   Rapid house construction;
-   Durability;
-   Construction process all year round;
-   Optimal ratio: price, quality, reliability, cost-efficiency;
-   High energy and heat efficiency.

Business model of the project

We offer you a concise view of the business, designed for a holistic description and analysis of the entire system of interrelated business processes.
The business model structure can be presented in the form of three main components:
-   Functional model – business processes and events initiating these business processes, output results;
-   Organizational model – the organizational structure of the enterprise and roles performed in the management system by the enterprise’s employees;
-   Information and digital model – the information flow scheme in the control circuit, built on the basis of the TIMBERCOIN blockchain platform.

I. Investment stage (“Investments”)
Holding of the ICO to purchase the TIMBERCOIN options using the fiat money and cryptocurrency.
On the basis of the funds collected during the ICO, an investment budget shall be formed to modernize production and launch new types of products (LVL, CLT, SGH).

II. Production modernization stage (“Production”)
Reconstruction and expansion of the production areas;
New construction;
Introduction of the advanced techniques and technologies;
Production automation;
Modernization of technological equipment, replacement of obsolete and physically worn out equipment with the new and more efficient equipment.

III. Product release stage (“Buy-back”)
The TMB options buy-back shall begin 9 months upon the fundraising completion. If the company begins the IPO, in addition, the participants shall be offered with the TMB token exchange for the company's shares. The investors shall also be entitled to exchange TMB for the relevant amount of LVL, CLT, SGH (the underlying asset).
The company sells the LVL, CLT, SGH products to the consumers and uses 30% of proceeds to buy the tokens monthly. The buy-back shall be carried out using the smart-contract according to the following scheme:
-   The funds sent to redeem the tokens shall be used to purchase the Ether cryptocurrency (ETH) on the exchange at the current exchange rate. It is used for the reason that it is the main currency of the Ethereum network, on which the smart-contracts operate;
-   Further, all received Ether is sent to the smart-contract for the redemption of tokens;
-   The smart-contract also accepts tokens for exchange. Any number of tokens can be accepted. If the token owner changes their mind, they can take the token from the redeeming smart-contract prior to the transaction closure;
-   When the transaction is closed, all tokens on the smart-contract are exchanged for Ether. The token owners receive Ether in proportion to the shares of tokens sent and not withdrawn from the contract.

Summary of the company

1.   Main information
 Full company name: Limited company "RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY" URAL- RAZVITIYE"
Company's short name: "NPP" URAL-RAZVITIYE "
 History: The company "SPE" URAL-RAZVITIYE "(TIN 6678034760) was established in 2013. on the basis of LLC "RPC" URAL RAZVITIYE "(TIN 6670187348, the base in 2007).
  Job market: Since its inception, the company has successfully implemented a number of projects in various sectors of the economy and regions of the Urals Federal District. Our company fulfills on average from 6 to 15 projects a year. The company OOO "NPP" URAL- RAZVITIYE "to implement and carries out production and business activities in the following areas:
- Repair and construction (main counterparties LLC "Uralelectromed", JSC "Serov Ferroalloy Plant, JSC" Uralmash ", JSC" Russian Railways ", public and municipal customers UFD)
- Production of metal (main counterparties LLC "Uralelectromed", JSC "Serov Ferroalloy Plant, JSC" IG "Generation", JSC "Gazpromneft-Terminal", the company UFD, KhMAO and individuals)
- Production and sale of products from commercial timber (main contractors: Art Work Design Kft (Hungary), Bolzicco renzo (Italy), Eurasian Resources Group (Kazakhstan), enterprises of Krasnodar region, Ural Federal District, private individuals).
 Quality: High quality of products is determined not only by technical means, their own engineering departments, tool production, but also its own central laboratory, which includes a laboratory of nondestructive testing, chemical laboratory and the laboratory of mechanical tests, accredited by State Standard of Russia. The quality management system is certified by the certification of ISO 9001: 2011, thus ensuring a stable level of product quality and performance of contractual obligations.
 Goals and objectives of the company: The business is developing in the era of the investment economy now. The owners of capital decide the problem placing available funds in projects that have the best ratio of risk levels and future profitability.
OOO "NPP" URAL -RAZVITIYE "has the intention and ability to provide professional services to entrepreneurs in the development and analysis of investment projects, preparing the necessary project documentation required for submission to potential investors. OOO "NPP" URAL-RAZVITIYE" is planning to provide professional services to owners of capital in the search for and selection of the most attractive investment projects, as well as in the management of these projects, both in the investment phase of the project, and at the stage of operations on the territory of our region (Urals Federal District).

2.   Technology
The Timber Coin project is openly implementing the Smart Escrow solution, voluntarily limiting itself to the possibility of withdrawing funds after the end of the crowdsdale. The project team can only publicly publish only a portion of the funds raised in advance. If the project founders need a second tranche, then they are required to report to the tokenholders on the stage of project development and state the purpose of the next stage of financing. Holders of TMB tokens via online voting through a personal cabinet reach a consensus, on the basis of which a decision is made to continue financing the project.
Smart contract 0xa1E8A7995D6f56255F5383a991EF8BCDe7a7E07F
The practice of the escrow solution ICO Timber Coin is a sign of the evolution of the market in which ICO is used by project founders not to buy expensive cars, mansions and luxury living, but as a tool for implementing the idea of a project, creating a product and building a company.

3.   Theme
The main objective of the concept is to evaluate the commercial prospects of the project:
 Potential of the project
Clear and transparent investment scheme.
Exclusive line of investment products for optimal combination of profit and risk
Maximum expertise in the market is a guarantee of high incomes and minimization of risk.
The advantageous opportunity of cooperation with the platform allows to significantly increase the incomes of active brokers.
The use of blocking in our production will allow investors to control all business processes, including supply management, production organization and international trade in timber, lumber and related products.
 What market is the development target for?
The potential market, covering Smart Green House (SGH), seems to be growing rapidly on the horizon of the next 5, 10, 15 years. The observed trends unequivocally point to the formation in the near future of the Smart Green House (SGH) industry, which will have a decisive influence on the nature of production processes, the types of joint activities and the way of life of people in general. In this regard, we not only develop a platform, but also study how the future industry of Smart Green House (SGH) technologies can be organized, which sectors of the new market will be most promising, and what types of new business projects may be most in demand.
• At the same time, works are performed in related areas, the systemic effect of convergence is not obvious and the space of the new industry is still a "blue ocean" - a space with low competition, in which it is possible to place a strategic stake of both the state and business
• The global market potential is estimated at billions of dollars, covers all of humanity and relies on "eternal" needs.

4. Financial model
The financial (economic) model of the project is based on sales of three types of products:
1. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) - high-strength composite structural material, based on solid wood.
2. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) - cross-glued wooden slabs for walls and ceilings for residential and non-residential buildings.
3. Smart Green House (SGH) - a unique integration of the latest developments in the field of wood processing and carcass construction.
In general, the collection of funds is planned to be completed by 2019. In the first half of 2019, work will be carried out to modernize production. Thus, the start of sales is planned at the end of the second quarter of 2019, and the first profit will begin to accumulate in the third quarter of 2019.
When carrying out profitability calculations, we considered two scenarios -stable and positive.
A stable scenario is the case when, as a result of the ICO, we manage to raise 3 million dollars by 2019. In this case, we manage to complete all the necessary work on the modernization of production and the start of production, but for mass production of SGH and sales of collected funds is not enough. As a result, revenue per 1 token in 2019 will be 0.4 cents, in 2020 - 2.7 cents.
In a positive scenario, as a result of the ICO, we are able to raise $ 7 million by 2019. In this case, we manage not only to complete all the necessary work for sustainable operation and production start-up, but also for mass production of SGH. As a result, revenue per 1 token in 2019 will be 0.9 cents, in 2020 - 5.7 cents.

Web Site:
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