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Title: [ANN] ibtc token. How we plan to pay daily interest to our lenders
Post by: dontoshi on August 21, 2018, 12:38:27 PM

Thanks a lot here is the news!

The questions of the day.
How do we plan to pay interest to lenders?
1. The first batch of the loan will be invested in dontoshi exchange development and marketing. Which in return will add value to to dtd token as the exchange volume increase.
A. One part of the marketing is listing ibtc and dtd token in one big exchange like hitbtc. That mean if dtd is traded around $0.50 by december we will have enough money to pay for daily interest if the trading fees is not enough.
A. As part of development we need to invest a lot in building a margin system which will allow us to lend enough btc to pro traders to leverage from 2x to 50x and the interest from the volume will be use to pay daily interest.
2. The second batch of the loan will be use to invest in ICO, start ups, online real estate, master nodes etc
A. As part of start up we are goin to build our own blockchain project that will allow us to build our own dapps and this blockchain will be open source to allow others to build their own dapps, pay for gas like ethereum.
B. There is one domain name that is on my mind to build a social media like facebook on our blockchain. That domain is valued $300,000 but the domain worth the price. Bcos to compete with facebook you need a catchy domain not just a good product.
C. One of my main target for ibtc is to make it to be the easiest way to send and recieve value. So we are going to build ibtc app,  through the app you can send and receive money, lend and borrow money. We work with our whitepaper to integrate AI into our platform. Etc

3. Robot trading.
For few months now i have did a lot of research and i found out there is a lot of Robot you can use to trade crypto for real and a lot of people that trade with this bots are making a lot of money everyday in this bearish market, with bots a lot of smart guys have gained a lot in this bloodbaths in crypto market. To tell you how legit it is some big exchange allow and support bots trading, they also build a conducive enveroment to allow bots trade through their API. The money we earn through bots trading will be use to pay daily interest.
4. How much is the peg price and daily interest?
A. The market is bloody for the moment so we are considering from $0.05 -$0.03 per ibtc which mean you will start to lend from 5 cent or 3 cent per ibtc but if the price increase we will update it daily on how much the exchange rate will be.
B. For promo in the first month to three month after the final launch we will sell contract for 1% daily interest after the three months we will continue with 0.50% daily interest. But those who buy the contract in between the promo period there contract will continue to earn 1% daily interest till the duration period.

C. affiliate commission will be around 0.05% - 0.10% daily interest.

In conclusion the lending will add a lot of value to dontoshi exchange, dtd token, ibtc token, bcos we will invest a lot in development, it will allow us to hire good developers, build innovative products, list ibtc in big exchange, promote the exchange and lending platform through ads. The lending module is ready and the affiliate code is updated to allow you to earn commision. We now prepare for the final launch. Thanks.
The floor is open for questions. follow us

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Title: Re: [ANN] ibtc token. How we plan to pay daily interest to our lenders
Post by: Beejae on August 21, 2018, 06:13:16 PM
You create ann page after finishing airdrop distribution? How are we certain the airdrop actually took place?

Title: Re: [ANN] ibtc token. How we plan to pay daily interest to our lenders
Post by: rifthuggervd on September 05, 2018, 03:32:54 AM
I saw part of the development process, you need to invest very much in the signature system of the construction fund, making it the simplest value of sending and receiving. This will help you more effectively.