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Title: paper backup stores private key unencrypted in browser cache
Post by: rowanf on March 01, 2014, 10:52:49 AM
Problem outline:
- Paper wallet backups generate a pdf which is saved unencrypted in the browsers cache.
  In Chrome for example a search of the browsers history using 'data:application/pdf' will show the cached paper backups with the private keys in plain view.
- Storing unencrypted private keys in the browsers cache leaves the wallets vulnerable to malware attacks.

Suggested actions for users:
- If you have generated a paper backup clear your browser cache. For additional security create a new wallet and transfer coins to it.
  If using for the new wallet, do not create a paper backup.

Suggested solution for
- Generate paper wallet backups in html and do not save in the browsers cache.

Additional problems:
- The email address of listed on the website does not work. There appears to be no dedicated security contact point.
- I have received numerous email backups automatically without user request.