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Title: [ANN] - Wallet, Exchange & Direct Crypto Debit Card
Post by: TOKIA on August 23, 2018, 11:54:20 AM


About us

TOKIA is the new generation blockchain technology adaptation for the most convenient cryptocurrency conversion for each and everyone. It allows to purchase and sell altcoins or tokens instantly and extremely easy.

Tokia is the most efficient way to start a journey to cryptocurrency world. Tokia mission is to provide reliable and effective currency exchange services to everyone who wishes to join. That is why the buying and selling processes are simplified to the maximum, making it easy for people that are new to cryptocurrency world.

Tokia project has started with ICO, that ended successfully in March 15. The ICO started on 4th of December and in only 7 hours the soft cap has been reached. TOKIA has already sold 4 million tokens during the ICO pre-sale campaign. It is an enormous achievement symbolising strong support from the blockchain community showing strong interest from all over the world. Investors from more than 75 countries have supported Tokia in the stage of ICO.

From that point Tokia team is working hard to build reliable and user friendly instant exchange services. Our team has grew rapidly and continuously since the very beginning of the idea itself.

Tokia products

There are three main products that Tokia is developing and will offer in the nearest future:

Tokia Cryptocurrency Exchange. In order to facilitate conversion between digital and traditional assets, as well as between cryptocurrencies, Tokia will be offering an exchange platform. Tokia will operate on a brokerage principle act as exchange agency that executes the conversion based on single aggregated exchange rate, which is based on the prevailing rates at global crypto trading platforms.

Tokia wallet. Multi-currency blockchain wallet enables users to store and manage all of their crypto assets that get traded on the exchange and get spent via the debit card from one convenient location.

Tokia debit card. Everyone will be able to buy major cryptocurrencies regarding place or time. Bitcoin and altcoins can be used for all purchases with Tokia debit card. We offer a debit card with noo external exchange or complex processes. Tokia debit card automatically connects your cryptocurrency with fiat currency. The wallet automatically selects the best exchange rate depending on the currencies in the wallet at the moment of the operation.

Cashback bonus is a separate post-launch promo offer that is not related and does not change or replace ICO token holder benefits in any way. Limited seat cashback bonus will be available up until 2019.01.03

TKA holders

Participants that hold more than 30 000+* TKA up until third of January will get 100% commission fee cashback from each trade.

Early subscribers

As a thank you for the support, all our early subscribers will receive 50% commission fee cashback from each trade up until 3rd of January.

Newly registered accounts

We have decided to grant our newly registered Tokia exchange platform users. All our newly registered accounts will get 30% commission fee cashback from each trade.

Note: if you are eligible for more than one bonus or benefit we will apply more profitable offer.

*The figures may vary.

Title: Re: [ANN] - Wallet, Exchange & Direct Crypto Debit Card [2018-09-17]
Post by: TOKIA on September 06, 2018, 02:33:29 PM

Great news! Tokia public launch on September 17th!

After the long process of development Tokia is finally launched and accessible to the early access users! From September 5th to September 17th Tokia is at the stage of the beta launch and is exclusive access and only open to Tokia community members.

Therefore, on the 17th of September, the platform will be open for everyone who wishes to join. For the first few months, new users who list their email for cashback bonus, register on Tokia exchange and verify their account will get 30% cashback bonus. The offer will be available for the first 5000 new users.

Tokia exchange is looking to enter the retail investors market. We're starting our journey as a convenient buy/sell exchange that offers the ability to buy/sell digital currencies using FIAT. It allows easy trading between fiat and crypto and crypto to crypto currencies.

Later on we plan to add debit cards and a lending solution. Once all these products are launched we'll add a pro version of the exchange which will feature advanced trading features like limit orders, stop losses, order book etc.

For now the goal is to grow with the market and acquire users, that want to enter the crypto market and grow together.

Title: Re: [ANN] - Wallet, Exchange & Direct Crypto Debit Card [2018-09-17]
Post by: NoMoreTears on September 12, 2018, 02:10:35 PM
I really like how the main aspects (IMO) are combined together and still kept in such a simple way. I saw advertisements of TOKIA online when it was still in ICO period and was skeptical about that. But now I hope this will bring something new to the market. Of course, a lot of others out there but the path is more clear when there is a live healthy competition behind the corner. Sadly I failed to subscribe for early access in time, so will wait for public launch!

P.S. Love your new logo and coloring. Old one was BIG and grim..