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Title: Scammer and cheater seller at fiverr : gopo2k
Post by: sameer88 on August 31, 2018, 08:55:44 PM

I should warn you guy from this seller at fiverr called : gopo2k

hr is scammer and cheater . He blackmailed after he completed my service . after 1 month of completing the service he contacted me via my site asking me money or he will do negative SEO against my sites .

and I refused for sure . and after that he build many fake backlinks to hurt my sites .

Here his profile :

My site damaged now because of him . I tried to told ficerr about that buy they said since he contacted you outside fiverr they have nothing to do

So should spread the word about this stupid scammer :

Title: Re: Scammer and cheater seller at fiverr : gopo2k
Post by: TryNinja on August 31, 2018, 09:04:00 PM
Is this guy a user on BitcoinTalk? Do you have any evidence? (chat logs, screenshots, etc...)

Otherwise, why are you posting this here?

Title: Re: Scammer and cheater seller at fiverr : gopo2k
Post by: bill gator on August 31, 2018, 09:22:24 PM
You are claiming to have a beef with another user on an unrelated marketplace, but you are not presenting any evidence or context beyond a personal anecdote and testimony. There is no reason for anybody to believe your story or feel you have any credibility in what you are presenting. There is no way for us to enforce the rules of fiverr, but if the user is breaking the rules and terms of Fiverr then you should be able to make a case to the staff/support over on that website. All you are doing here is farting in the wind, unless that user is a user of this forum or has an audience from this forum.

As far as I know Fiverr only accepts Paypal and it is a small minority of users around here that are willing to work with Paypal in any capacity; the cross-over audience is negligible. In your post you mention that we should spread the word of this scammer, and I am wondering what you envision in your head when you say this.. Do you expect us to form a mob on your behalf and fight your personal battles without reviewing any evidence or hearing the other side of the story? This is nonsense at every angle.

Did you read this thread? :

Have you read any of the stickies found within this section of the forum prior to posting within it?

Title: Re: Scammer and cheater seller at fiverr : gopo2k
Post by: chris200x9 on September 01, 2018, 12:01:47 AM
From his profile I saw that he has completed more than 1000 orders and reviews, still, his rating is five starts. It is quite hard to believe your story without a proof.

If I'm not wrong, I think for a certain period of time you can still change your review for the order you placed. You can check whether you can change your order review to put whatever you feel correct.

With this post what you have achieved is, if someone searches his profile name in google then this post will be second after his Fiverr profile in google search results.