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Title: [ANN] Omnilytics Platform - Powering the future of data economy
Post by: junjie_omnilytics on September 01, 2018, 06:38:39 AM
Hello from Omnilytics Platform team! We thought it would be a good time to introduce ourselves to the Bitcointalk community.

We are currently building a cross-industry data infrastructure. A distributed data network which processes global aggregated datasets and combines artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning tools across various industries.

The five most valuable listed firms in the world are data companies - Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. The control of vast amounts of cross industry data is what gives these companies clear competitive advantages over smaller players.

Quantity and quality of data is a value of its own, but few companies are able to access, collect and process data outside of their immediate industries.

Omnilytics Platform represents the new frontier of how data is aggregated, processed and utilised. Thanks to aggregated singularised datasets, Omnilytics is not limited by industry specific antitrust rules and becomes the pillar of support for all companies utilising data; providing Omnilytics users access to the data they require.

We have managed to built working product that is currently used by a few renown clients where they access our data for greater business decision making.Feel free to visit for the product demo.

Take a look at our website and make sure to stay up to date by joining our Telegram.

Read the Two Pager (.pdf):
Read the Whitepaper (.pdf):
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